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The Unexposed Secret of Dog Fence Collar

Picking Dog Fence Collar Is Straightforward

Instead, you can use fewer for a smaller, more manageable size to fit in both large or small yards. If the dog knows about this secret escape route and you’re worried they might be a bit rough, rest assured that the fence has strong 4-gauge steel rods with a galvanized dog fence collar material. It doesn’t require any maintenance and will stay strong and durable enough to keep your dog in. If you’re pausing because you don’t know if you want permanent fencing in your garden, just know that it’s not permanent – it can be removed whenever you want!

At $699, the Halo Collar 3 is by no means cheap, but it’s hands down one of the most advanced wireless options out there. The collar also tracks your dog’s location and activity, allowing you to monitor how your pup spends most of their day on the brand’s companion app. And instead of shocking your pup when they get close to crossing the line, the collar gently beeps, taps and vibrates. To charge the collar, which has a 24-hour battery life, simply plug the USB-C cable into the magnetic adaptor, which connects to the collar’s magnetic port.

Here are the most important factors to consider when weighing your options. First, watch the tutorial video in the app as it explains how creating fences works. Then, walk around your property or designated area where you want the fence to be with both the collar and your phone in hand.

dog fence collar

Male dogs that have not been neutered are more likely to stray when they detect a female in heat nearby, and may be more inclined to jump over a fence in this scenario. If your dog is old, a puppy or a small dog, then you can pick any fence since it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to jump over and make a break for it. Despite its large size, you don’t have to use all panels provided.

The fence only works to keep your dog contained as long as your dog is wearing the collar and is trained to recognize the fence boundaries. It comes with no fee for the installation or long-term maintenance because you do it all yourself. Of course, this takes more effort than a wireless dog fence and is more time-consuming, especially since the wire needs to circle the boundary and be buried up to three inches underground. I tested the Halo 3 Collar for myself with my black lab, Maggie. I’ve used in-ground invisible fences before, and if you’ve got the funds and a large property, the Halo 3 is worth considering. It takes some time to set up, and as the owner, you get to go through a series of training videos before your dog ever puts on the collar.

Dog Fence Collar

With Dogtra’s invisible fence collars, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved pet is protected and within reach. For peace of mind, it’s essential to get a wireless dog fence that reliably covers all parts of your property where you want your pup to roam. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to a fence’s range, which is either measured in feet or acres. At minimum, most wireless options can cover up to half an acre, which is plenty of space for many dog owners. That said, lots of fences offer much bigger ranges, with some able to cover hundreds or even thousands of acres. The SpotOn GPS Dog Fence is certainly a splurge, but this pick provides some of the most useful features a wireless dog fence can offer.

Since it’s wireless, you’ll need to train your dog on how it works. But you’re not alone – Halo 2 includes a training manual from renowned trainer Cesar Millan to help you train your pup. And you don’t have to settle with just one invisible fence since you can have up to 20 fences in different locations.

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