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The Meaning Of Invisible Fence Average Cost

Without proper training, your dog may end up confused and uncomfortable. So don’t get an invisible fence unless you’re ready to commit to training and potentially re-training your dog. Most invisible fences are designed to last around twenty-seven years, though this largely depends on the quality of wire used in the fence. Still, these fences do tend to last significantly longer than their more traditional above-ground counterparts.

invisible fence average cost

Your dog then wears a special GPS computer collar to keep him out of the invisible boundary area. The collar unit delivers a warning sound when your dog approaches the boundary. If the dog continues to approach the boundary after the warning, a static correction is issued. In the future, we may see the development of even more advanced pet containment systems that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning.

First and foremost, there are always issues that can cause a fence to fail – power outages, dead collar batteries, and interruptions to the signal are all uncommon but they do happen. It’s also important to remember that while the dog does receive a stimulus when he or she runs over the boundaries of the fence, this stimulus isn’t enough to cause the dog injury. As such, a sufficiently determined animal can get out whenever he or she decides that the rewards for doing so are worth the potential pain. One of the biggest things to look at is whether or not your installer provides any kind of training services. Invisible fences are only useful when your dog understands how they work, after all, and taking the time to train a pet isn’t possible for every dog owner.

invisible fence average cost

Nowadays, there are virtual smart dog fences that don’t take up any space and use GPS to tell you if your buddy wanders off too far. In fact, the Virtual Fence feature is a key reason why many pet parents rely on their Tractive GPS Dog Tracker. If you have a very large yard, for instance, you may pay more than if you invisible fence average cost have a smaller yard. With only one dog you’ll need only one collar, which will cost less than if you have to buy more collars for multiple dogs. If you have a “stubborn” dog that needs stronger correction, that may cost more, as well. Here are some more tips and best practices when looking for an invisible dog fence.

To ensure a pet is safe and secure in the yard, homeowners are advised to hire a professional installer and take advantage of pet training services. Privacy fencing is available in bamboo, wood, vinyl, aluminum, and composite. Both the material and installation costs vary, with a wood privacy fence costing $2,700 on average and aluminum being the most expensive at around $4,600.

And unlike traditional underground wire fences, it allows your pet to return home without being corrected. Installing this boundary wire is our specialty and in most cases the part many homeowners are not comfortable doing themselves. We have a specialized machine that installs the wire about 1.5 inches underground. If your pet is an escape artist and you live in a potentially dangerous neighborhood for pets, you MUST get a hidden fence system installed on your property- no matter what you choose. So we can say that the DogWatch is the best solution for smaller properties like homes with yards or backyards.

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