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The Nuiances Of Dog Fence Professionally Installed

Dog Fence Professionally Installed Explained

Costs vary greatly on this count as well, so you’ll need to get a quote before you can build your budget. There are many different ways to train your pet to use an invisible fence, some of which are better for specific pet owners than others. Regardless of which you choose, well-trained pets are able to adapt more quickly and will allow you to feel a bit safer when you let them roam around within their new boundaries. Now it’s time for you to read the directions that came with your invisible dog fence product in order to figure out how to properly set up the collar for your pet. This should be an easy process, one that’s made far easier for those who did the tough work of laying the fence before they started working with the collar. One of the tougher parts of installing an invisible dog fence will occur if you’re trying to install the fencing across a traditional driveway.

dog fence professionally installed

It should be noted, though, that the batteries in the fence receiver typically only last around three to four months at the longest and will usually run pet owners about one hundred dollars per year. Still, these fences do tend to last significantly longer than their more traditional above-ground counterparts. The easiest way to install an underground dog fence is to buy a kit that already has a good 18-gauge wire and to rent a trenching tool from a hardware store.

Used responsibly, most dogs will not be seriously traumatized by an invisible fence unit, with the static shock sensation being more “surprising” than physically painful. Setting up your electric dog fence and tossing your dog outside, hoping that he’ll figure it out how it all works, is a recipe for disaster. We’ll explain how these tools work and outline the basics of training your dog to use one, below. But we’ll also share our philosophical thoughts about these types of electric fences, including the reasons we now encourage owners to use alternatives in most cases. The beauty of an in-ground dog fence is that it can take on just about any size or shape you need it to. You can use one to surround your front yard, backyard, or all of your property.

Invisible fence costs for a half-acre yard average between $1,000 and $1,500, whereas a full acre can run between $1,500 and $2,100 on average. Whether you choose professional installation or a DIY dog fence kit, Hidden Fence has industry-leading options for you to consider. Enquire via our website today or contact one of the Hidden Fence professional installers directly to start keeping your dog safe and  secure in your yard.

A bit of digging, connecting the wires and testing the fence is required. If you happen to run into trouble, know that one of our helpful customer service reps in Cincinnati, OH is just a phone call away. Our award-winning customer service agents will walk you through the process, every step of the way. Eliminates stray signal interference from neighboring dog fence systems and other signal generating devices. Nearby dog fence systems and other devices that generate similar signals can interfere with your electric dog fence causing signal interruption or unreliability.

If a homeowner has only one pet that they are trying to keep contained, then they will need to add about $100 to $200 to the total cost to account for the invisible fence collar. Wireless invisible fences work similarly to GPS-based invisible fences, in that there’s a set perimeter your dog needs to stay in. These fences use a transmitter that creates a dome play area the dog can play and dog fence professionally installed do business in and relies on radio signals to direct the pooch if they go outside the set area. The cost of wireless invisible fences averages around $300 but will range from $100 to $500 depending on brand and required range. Your standard invisible fence consists of a transmitter, receiver, and wires to hook up to your property’s electrical pane and set up the perimeter underground.

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