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The New Position On Invisible Fence Troubleshooting Just Produced

Five Tricks You Have To Know About Invisible Fence Troubleshooting

If it turns out that this is the problem then you really don’t want to force it. Every time Fido escapes through the invisible fence they are receiving whatever stimulation from the collar which you have set. Walk towards the invisible fence perimeter from the starting point. You should locate the underground wire a few feet away from the collar beep. You may have an issue with the collar, transmitter, or a break in the underground wire, or broken splices. If you have a wire break you’ll need to follow our article on how to find a break in an underground fence.

The animal receives a mild electric shock as soon as they cross the boundary. The collar can be set to deliver shocks within a radius of up to 1/4 mile so it will work no matter how far your pet roams. Your system includes FREE training sessions, lifetime activation for pets over 1-year-old and customer support by phone, email, or chats if you ever need help here in Canada or where ever you are! Simply plug this little plastic transmitter into any wall outlet found inside your home and it emits a signal.

The collar typically emits a low battery warning through a series of beeps or indicator lights. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines invisible fence troubleshooting for your specific model to identify the warning signs. Table 5 provides a visual representation of signal strength across your yard.

invisible fence troubleshooting

Do you suspect your invisible fence is not working correctly? For people living in rural areas, there are few options as far as free wolf fences go. If you use a high-quality underground wire splicing kit (see picture below) along with high-quality 14 gauge wire with good insulation, you can expect your boundary line to last 50 to 70 years. This is based on a study of underground copper wire from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI). Check that the collar is properly fitted per the instructions below.

Invisible fence collars can also malfunction, giving no shocks or continuous shocks. Cleaning contact posts regularly and ongoing maintenance will lower the risk. If your Invisible Fence is constantly beeping, the most likely problem is that your existing boundary wire has broken somewhere along your perimeter. Your dog might not even notice the current static correction. First, install the most suitable contact probes and properly fit the collar.

Sportdog collars last for 168 hours or about 1 month of use 8 hours a day. To identify collar malfunction, check if there are any visible damages or signs of wear and tear on the collar. Make sure that the collar is properly fitted and securely fastened on your pet’s neck. If necessary, replace any damaged parts or contact the manufacturer for further assistance.

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