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The Low Down on Invisible Fence Collar Revealed

Four Reasons People Switch from the Competitor to Invisible Fence Collar.

The Extreme Dog Fence is another one of the best invisible fences for your dog. This kit is customizable for several dogs and has different size properties. It comes with enough wire to cover properties up to ⅓ acre, and if you buy additional wire, this system can cover up to 6 acres. Whether you’re dealing with a spirited jumper, a curious wanderer, or a vast property, our in-depth analysis aims to pinpoint the ideal system that meets your needs and ensures your pet’s safety. Join us as we explore the latest in invisible dog fence technology, helping you make an informed decision that marries security with the joy of outdoor play for your beloved pet.

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Top that with IP67 rating against water and dust; you’re looking at a highly durable system here. Invisible dog fences allow you to track and get updates on your dog’s location 24/7, even if you’re away from them. When a battery is weak it will often cause beeping on the collar’s receiver and problems passing through certain areas of the house. The only way to fix this issue is by changing out the batteries in both your unit and your transmitter. Choosing the right invisible fence will come down to a few factors.

You’ll have to dig a few feet into the ground to bury the wire that communicates with the collar and transmitter. Does your pet like to chase cars, squirrels or other moving objects? Our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology has Invisible Boundary® protection that will stop your dog from escaping, while providing up to 30% more yard space invisible fence collar for your dog to play. The AWEEC electric and wireless fence system stands out because of its dual functionality and accuracy. PetSafe Stay and Play is a great dog fence because of its rechargeable collar units and larger diameter emission. This Extreme Dog Fence kit includes a transmitter, waterproof splices, flags, and 500 feet of wire.

By troubleshooting common collar problems and understanding range limitations, you can keep your invisible fence system functioning properly and keep your pet safe and secure. The gentle electric shock in stimulation collars are meant to alert your dog that they’re too close to the edge of the fence. You can adjust the intensity of each shock collar based on your dog’s sensitivity—every dog is different when it comes to this. Small dogs, for example, may not need as much of a shock as large dogs do. If you have more than one dog, look for an invisible fence kit that comes with multiple collars.

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