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The Key To Dog Fence Wire Break

Best Places To Get Dog Fence Wire Break

The rechargeable, waterproof receiver collar is easy to use and fits comfortably on our dog’s neck. The beep and static shock modes were effective in warning and training our pet to stay within the boundary line. We were able to adjust the signal level up to 100 levels, which allowed us to customize the range of movement for our dog. We recently installed the MASBRILL Electric Fence for Dogs to keep our dog safe and contained within our yard.

dog fence wire break

With some basic troubleshooting skills and regular maintenance, you can locate and repair invisible fence wiring issues to keep your pet safely enclosed for many years. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional for help if you’re unsure of any part of the repair process. In some cases, breaks may be more challenging to locate, especially if the wire is extensively damaged or if there are multiple breaks. Next, consider any recent changes or construction work that may have taken place in the vicinity of the fence. Landscaping projects, digging, or installation of new structures can inadvertently damage the boundary wire.

If you can’t visually locate the wire break, you’ll need to buy an underground wire locator tool. These tools are very easy to use and can be bought both online and at big box hardware stores, so don’t be afraid to make a purchase. The good news is that you will probably get a lot of use out of this tool over the years. If there is a break in the boundary wire, you will hear an alarm coming from your DogWatch transmitter. If there is a wire break, the signal is interrupted and the fence will not work. If you hear this alarm, we recommend contacting your local DogWatch Dealer as soon as possible.

Dog Fence Wire Break

The correction device responds with varying intensity according to the owner’s selection. Typically, programmable correctors begin with a gentle vibration and progress to a very mild shock. This piece was written by Anne Fritz, who has been writing about pet products for The Spruce for more than dog fence wire break two years. Before writing this article, she consulted with her own dog trainer and gathered information from customer reviews and third-party articles. If your dog has a habit of reaching new heights, then there shouldn’t be anything on the interior of your fence that your dog can get a grip on.

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