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The Invisible Fence Installation Diaries

Choosing Invisible Fence Installation

Dogs bring great joy to the world, but sometimes they also bring great aggravation. It’s not uncommon for over-eager canines to run off to play with the most interesting nearby item, whether that’s a squirrel, another dog, a person or even a car. This Old House has empowered homeowners and DIY-ers for more than four decades with top-notch home improvement advice in the form of television programs, print media, and digital content.

Conversely, we did note that some other customers had issues with the collar, stating that the buckle design was poor and the warning beep was inconsistent. How close a dog can get to the invisible fence will depend solely on your preferences. You can set the dog collar to alert them about 10 feet away, a foot away, or to only alert them when they’ve crossed past the designated play area. There are a variety of methods people use to help keep their pets safe outdoors. Leashes, ground stakes, and harnesses are just a few ways that physically restrain the movement of the pets. Homeowners can also invest in a physical fence that can act as a barrier around the yard to keep pets from running into the road or wandering into the neighbor’s yard.

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Unfortunately, though, not everyone who has a detached home has the ability to put in a fence. For some, it’s a matter of scale— huge backyards can be incredibly expensive invisible fence installation to fence in, after all, and spending that kind of money won’t make sense for everyone. If you don’t do this, your pet will be confused when the collar vibrates.

It boasts a Stopper feature that only corrects for an additional 20 seconds if your dog starts running through boundaries, which prevents your dog from continuous shock should they get free. The Pet Stop EcoLite Plus with Link offers incredible battery life with a robust set of features. The lightweight, built-in rechargeable battery pack is estimated to last 25 years. While you’ll charge it more often than that, you shouldn’t need to replace the battery within your dog’s lifetime. I liked that I could get in the app and see where Maggie was on our property at any time. The collar collects data, and you can see your dog’s activity level and their most frequent hangouts.

If a homeowner has only one pet that they are trying to keep contained, then they will need to add about $100 to $200 to the total cost to account for the invisible fence collar. If you’re a first-time user of invisible dog fences, this next bit might be the scariest part of your build. You’ll take both ends of your wire and hook them both into your electrical box. If you can hear the tell-tale beep or zap of electricity, you’ve got a good boundary wire. If not, there’s some kind of damage present that needs to be addressed before you can start installing your fence. This type of invisible fence is very portable—you can take it to the beach, camping, or on vacation to keep your dog in a safe area.

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