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The Hidden Truth on Dog Fence Exposed

Short Report Shows How It Could Affect You And The Simple Details About Dog Fence

However, it’s important to note that invisible fences don’t prevent people or other animals from entering the fence from the opposite side. We noticed that customers liked the invisible design of this fence because it prevented their destructive dogs from tearing or ripping through physical fences. Some users struggled with the collar, though, as it was too heavy and had poor battery life.

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Pet owners don’t prefer that to happen, even though they need to spend about half the cost compared to wire fencing. The only downside is that they can harm the health of your pet compared to a traditional fence. You don’t dog fence want your garden view to be affected by the appearance of a physical fence. In most cases, the answer is yes; Vinyl is strong enough for your pet. If your dog tends to dig or stretch along, Vinyl makes it harder to break.

As your dog approaches the boundary you set, they‘ll receive a warning cue via the collar – usually an audible tone, vibration, or static pulse. This cues them to turn around and prevents crossing into unsafe areas. Wireless fences establish a circular fence area of varying sizes. The transmitter stays at the center, but you can use multiple transmitters for larger properties. These models can cover different types of terrain, including water.

The Stay and Play fence systems are able to send signals in a diameter of 210 feet, which is a decent capability. The Stay and Play Wireless Fence is a step up from PetSafe’s Wireless Fence Pet Containment System, adding an extra ¼ acre to its total range. And as well as a total of 0.75 acres for creating your pooch’s safe outdoor space, you also get an increased radius on its pet zones. But what really makes this wireless dog fence stand out is its size, with a tiny and portable transmitter unit making this a compact and sleek operator.

You don’t want to be surprised when it comes time to set up your boundary. Using sound, vibration, and shock to help train your dog, you can opt to turn the shock off and use the included red flags to train them without it. Set your boundary via GPS, attach the collar, and your pup is good to go. If they cross the boundary, they will receive an audible warning and then a vibrational warning.

Instead, you can use fewer for a smaller, more manageable size to fit in both large or small yards. It’s amazing (but annoying) how dogs can squirm their way through some tiny holes. If you have a small gap beneath your existing fence that your dog keeps trying to escape from, this is the perfect solution.

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