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The Hidden Gem Of Dog Fence Outdoor Wire Break Kit

The Facts About Dog Fence Outdoor Wire Break Kit

In truth, any tool that uses pain to control an animal (even what we might consider minimal pain) is not ideal. This unit also features wireless collars and gives you the chance to set up “no-go zones” for indoor and outdoor objects you want to keep your pet away from. We’ll explain how these tools work and outline the basics of training your dog to use one, below.

dog fence outdoor wire break kit

A GPS dog fence is the only, truly wireless dog containment solution. The SpotOn GPS dog fence was the first GPS dog fence on the market, and is the only one with patented True Location™ technology. SpotOn replaces buried wires and base stations with patented GPS technology.

There are 1000+ fence kits, combinations and options within each of these dog fences. We offer a no-nonsense Lifetime Limited Equipment Warranty on all our outdoor hidden fences, so you will never have to compromise your pet’s safety. Your dog fence transmitter will let you know there is a break in the line by setting off an alarm. If your dog fence outdoor wire break kit transmitter is alarming, and you think you may have a wire break, the first thing to check is the functionality of your dog fence transmitter. The concept of a short loop test is to create a tiny little loop of dog fence wire on your transmitter, to see if your transmitter is still alarming when this short loop of wire is connected.

Because of its overall reliability, it is our number one choice of dog fences on the market today. No matter how careful you are, accidents happen – this is particularly true when it comes to pet  poisoning cases. Not only that cats and dogs have some uncanny ability to get into stuff that they’re not supposed to get into, but you also can’t always know what things could be a potential toxin to them. And believe us when we say, there are a lot of potential pet toxins in an average household!

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