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The Fundamental Facts Of Dog Fence Break Locator

Things You Need To Know About Dog Fence Break Locator

Once you have found the broken wire, use wire strippers to remove about an inch of insulation from either side of it. If there is no indication from the first wire, continue testing each wire individually until you find the one with a break. Begin by turning off the power to the fence and disconnecting any wires dog fence break locator that lead to it. Obstructions can block the transmission of the signal, causing your dog to be able to wander out of bounds. Common obstructions include trees, large metal objects, and even buildings. Finally, we can do a visual inspection of the perimeter to ensure that the system is working as intended.

dog fence break locator

If you do spot an obstruction, try repositioning your transmitter unit to a higher location or moving it away from the obstruction. In many cases, an invisible dog fence is installed by a professional installation company because it can be quite labor-intensive to set up. Another tip is to take a moment to review the manual for the invisible dog fence. Frequently, the manual contains instructions on how to locate and remove the invisible dog fence if needed. A standard wood or chain link fence provides a physical barrier your pet can’t get through. It requires less maintenance long-term than an underground wire system too.

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Dog Fence Break Locator

This will help you address any remaining breaks and restore the fence’s functionality. If there is a break in your wire, we recommend keeping your dogs on leash until the break is repaired. Most dogs who have been trained to avoid the boundary area may not notice any difference, at least initially. Still, the risk of your pet leaving the boundary area is heightened when the system is down, so we recommend erring on the side of caution. The second place to check would be where your splices or wire connectors are located.

Pay close attention to the areas where the wire is buried just beneath the surface and find any signs of wear or breakage. To splice the dog fence wire, expose the core of the two broken wire ends and butterfly twist them. You don’t need to purchase a proper splice kit to splice the wire breaks. Be cautious when digging around your yard’s perimeter wire for new construction, tree planting or removal, snow plowing equipment, or garden aeration.

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