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The Dog Fence Collar Cover Up

Picking Dog Fence Collar

The SpotOn GPS Fence arrived quickly after we received the tracking information. I was impressed with the quality of the packaging and how secure the collar and all of the components were in the box. It was very easy to set up for charging, although I was concerned that it wasn’t charging because there’s not a continuous light that stays on while being charged. Instead the light will flash green a few times and then stop flashing. The product must be in like-new condition, meaning that it should not be damaged and should be in original working condition.

dog fence collar

However, if the violation causes bodily injury to the animal or places the animal at imminent risk of serious bodily injury, a violation of this section is a misdemeanor of the third degree. (c) The person knowingly commits the offense in the immediate presence of a minor child. (c) The person knowingly commits the offense in the immediate presence of a minor child and the person has one or more previous convictions for an offense involving domestic violence. (2) At least 1.5 times the length of the dog measured from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail if the anchor is a pivot point allowing a 360° area of movement. The sound alone was enough to deter her from continuing to go beyond the fence. She’s not super anxious like many Chihuahuas are, but the alarm did startle her a bit.

Although it doesn’t require any digging to install, it can still take about 1 to 2 hours to set up, so do keep that in mind. But with the training manual, it should only take your dog a couple of weeks to pick up on how it works, making the training simple. You don’t need to worry that it’s not specifically made for dogs either.

Now, if a violation is reported, the owner can be immediately cited by law enforcement. Even if you consider yourself to be great with technology, I highly recommend watching the tutorial in the app for setting up the fence. Following the instructions in the app, we were able to create the fence within 5 minutes. Obviously, this process will take longer if you have more land than we do, but it’s still very easy and straightforward. SpotOn GPS Fence is designed to keep your dog contained without cell service. However, you can purchase an optional cellular service subscription which allows you to track your dog both inside and outside the fence as well as receive notifications about the collar’s battery life.

“A wireless dog fence is certainly better than no fence,” Collins says. “With some, you can use a wireless dog fence to avoid swimming pools and flower beds.” In other words, these devices can potentially help you maintain the current look and feel of your yard. Wireless dog fences also tend to be less expensive than underground dog fences, which require digging up your yard. Tethering or chaining a dog simply means that a person ties a dog with a rope, line, or chain to a stationary object. As of 2022, 23 states and the District of Columbia have laws on dog tethering/chaining. While the laws themselves vary from state to state, they do have several consistent features.

Our Dealers are dedicated small business owners who are highly motivated to provide you with excellent service and ongoing support. Our fences are sold and installed by our network dog fence collar of over 200 independent DogWatch Dealers worldwide. Access additional features like daily activity tracking, instant feedback, return whistle and live customer service.

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