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The Dog Fence Average Cost Game

Dog Fence Average Cost for Dummies

You can expect to budget between $1,000 and $3,400—the price you pay will depend mostly on the length, size, and materials of the fence. When you get into professional labor costs, though, expect the price of your wired or wireless dog fence project to vary by location. Hourly rates for an underground dog fence contractor will likely be higher in a major metropolitan area than in a more rural region. Your cost for additional services like pet training or landscaping will depend on labor rates where you live, too. Instead, they may want to consider installing an invisible fence to keep their pets safe.

dog fence average cost

Vinyl fence gates are $300 to $1,500 to purchase and install, in addition to the fence. If you choose a gate with high-end features, or it’s difficult to match your gate to the existing fence, the price increases. The job involves digging holes, laying wire, mounting a transformer, installing the receiver and connecting it all together. For an additional cost, you can rent a power lawn edger to eliminate digging. You can give your pet freedom to roam and at the same time keep them safe and within your property with an electric or “invisible” fence. As your dog’s owner, you are responsible for the risks of owning an electric fence that administers a shock to your dog when they step over the invisible boundary.

The two main factors that will determine the cost of your wooden privacy fence are the materials and the size of space you plan to enclose. Understanding these factors dog fence average cost will help you get the most accurate price estimate. We’ll be basing our estimates off the 6 foot wooden privacy fence, as this is the most popular size.

Dog Fence Average Cost

Classic white is the most popular and widely available of all the vinyl fence colors. However, contemporary black, warm browns, and natural grays are becoming more mainstream. One perk of darker-colored fences is that they are easier to “keep clean,” as in, dirt and debris don’t show up as easily as they would on lighter-colored fences.

Fencing contractors typically charge $45 to $75 per hour, plus materials. Most professional fence installers can install 100 to 160 feet of fence per day. If you prefer, use our privacy fence cost estimator to get a more accurate price for your own specific project. Hiring one of the best fence companies can save homeowners time, expense, and frustration and result in a precise and polished finish.

Gates, posts, caps, and decorative elements can add to the overall price of your dog fence. Consider the features that align with your needs and preferences to make informed decisions about these add-ons. As you embark on your dog fence installation journey, seeking quotes from multiple contractors is a crucial step. This practice allows you to compare pricing and services, ensuring you secure the best value for your investment. Additionally, consider any local regulations or requirements that may influence the cost. The financial implication of installing a dog fence through professional hands can cause concern for many.

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