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The Definitive Guide to Dog Fence For Small Dogs

Reasons I Hate Dog Fence For Small Dogs

Overall, this collar is lightweight for just 2.5 ounces and measures 2.25” x 1 5/8” x 1”. But if your small dog has thick fur, you may need to make it tighter for the prongs to reach the skin. If you already have a PetSafe transmitter and planning a second dog on the fence, you should get the PetSafe Wireless Fence Collar. Patio fencing comes in a variety of heights, and many of these models transition to an exercise pen for your pup. Most patio fencing is made from heavy-duty steel, so you won’t have to worry about an accidental escape or damage from inclement weather.

dog fence for small dogs

Once those run out, you have to purchase the replacements separately. This fence has a ¾ acre range, which you can adjust to suit the perimeter you want your dog to access. Just note that the dog fence for small dogs transmitter of this fence is made for indoor use. Below, I reviewed five of the best containment systems that provide humane boundaries while letting your dog run around the perimeter.

For example, if you live in an area with high rainfall or sunlight, wooden fences might not be the best choice because wood can rot, warp, or fade. We offer a range of solutions to suit different pets and different needs. You’ll need to consider your pet’s temperament and weight and also the size of the area you want to contain your pet in.

Metal fences are extremely durable but will require professional repair if damaged. Wooden privacy fences can also be installed without professional help, as can vinyl, although vinyl panels cost more than wood. Heavy-duty metal fences usually have to be professionally installed, but can be custom-crafted to your taste and are most resistant to the elements.

To create a dig-proof barrier under any fence, install strips of metal, cement, or large rocks one to two feet below the surface of the fence line. You just place the transmitter, set the radius of your containment area, and the system is ready to use. However, they offer less customization because the boundary shape is always circular and cannot be changed to exclude specific areas within that circle. While we think a dog fence is a big plus for your pet’s safety, here are some pros and cons of getting one. A dog fence keeps your pets safe and gives them the freedom to run and play. It also protects you from the liability of your dog running loose in the neighborhood.

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