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The Debate About Dog Fence Professionally Installed

Whatever They Told You About Dog Fence Professionally Installed Is Dead Wrong…And Listed here is Why

This will allow you to dig out a trench quickly and to install the fence right out of the box. As always, though, the size of the yard and your own physical ability will play a huge role in how tough this job will be to accomplish. Dogs are often used as a way of securing the home against intruders, but a dog stuck in a fenced yard doesn’t present as much of a threat as a dog that appears to be completely free. With an invisible fence installed, a homeowner’s dog will look like it is able to sprint out of the yard to chase after any intruders, increasing the security of the home.

dog fence professionally installed

Installing an inground invisible fence typically takes several hours to complete and may require the use of specialized tools, depending on the brand. Installers will need to dig up the perimeter where the homeowner wants the fence installed and run a wire through this trough, connecting it to the home. After the wire is run, the installer will fill in the trough and generally ensure that any grass that was lifted up during the wire installation is folded back into place. However, it can certainly be worth it to hire an invisible fence installer near you.

Once the dog goes through the perimeter, it is reminded by a mild shock to return to the yard. An invisible fence is one way to keep your view and your dogs inside your yard. Once installed, a small amount of electricity surrounds your perimeter—not enough to hurt a dog, but just enough to stop him.

The Invisible Fence brand relies on a physical wire emitting a radio signal, like some GPS collars for hunting dogs. The wire is buried around the perimeter you want to set as the boundary, requiring professional installation. We picked the PetSafe kit as the 5th best invisible dog fence because it comes with two extra battery packs and a great connection and range, compared to some other wireless dog fence brands below. Most invisible fences are designed to last around twenty-seven years, though this largely depends on the quality of wire used in the fence.

More than just an electric dog fence, it features a handheld remote that you can use to help train your dog. You honestly only need to bury your invisible fence an inch or two below the surface. With that said, it’s generally best to go a little deeper if only to protect the wire from the elements. It’s going to happen, of course, dog fence professionally installed whether it’s because of the landscape of your yard or simply because some of the wire is going to have to come out of the ground to get plugged in. If you’re really looking to keep things as safe as possible from pests and pets alike, you’ll want to grab a bit of PVC conduit piping through which you can run your wires.

An invisible fence gives pets the protection they need to roam free within the safety of the yard without the need for homeowners to erect a fence that cuts off the view. Depending on the neighborhood, this could be the solution a homeowner needs to keep their pets protected without angering the homeowners association. As with any project, the amount of material required to complete the job can increase the cost. With an invisible fence installation, the longer the fence, the more the project will cost to complete. On average, homeowners can expect to pay about $2.50 per linear foot. All types of invisible fences work by creating a boundary that your pet can safely play in without leaving the home.

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