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The Death of Invisible Fence Installation Cost

Pick That Invisible Fence Installation Cost As Opposed To This Long Trail Invisible Fence Installation Cost

Invisible fences are typically safe for most pets like dogs, puppies, and cats. The collar delivers a mild sensation like the static discharge you feel when touching a doorknob after walking on carpet. The correction level is adjustable to suit bigger or smaller and more sensitive animals. Electric fences may not effectively contain dogs and can cause behavioral issues. Consult your vet and check local ordinances before installing an invisible fence as local laws may prohibit them.

invisible fence installation cost

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The pricing is itemized below to give you a very clear estimate of what your cost will be for the system you choose and the number of dogs it will serve. Wireless invisible fences work similarly to GPS-based invisible fences, in that there’s a set perimeter your dog needs to stay in. These fences use a transmitter that creates a dome play area the dog can play and do business in and invisible fence installation cost relies on radio signals to direct the pooch if they go outside the set area. The cost of wireless invisible fences averages around $300 but will range from $100 to $500 depending on brand and required range. The average invisible fence cost is about $1,325 and may range in price from $1,000 to $1,650. However, there are ways to keep installation, training, and maintenance costs low.

invisible fence installation cost

As such, if an invisible fence system is damaged due to a pet, the cost of repair may be covered under the home insurance policy. Your dog will feel an electric shock from the underground wiring when it crosses the boundary. The electric shock is intended to surprise your pet but not cause any injury. And you can adjust the amount of electricity your dog receives with most systems. So, for large dogs, a stronger charge may be necessary to keep them contained.

These discreet units can protect anything from your grill to your flower bed keeping your pet out of trouble and giving you less to worry about. People ask “What does Invisible Fence® Brand cost?” But no two Invisible Fence® Brand quotes are the same. Our Pet Consultants will find a custom solution that is personalized for your home and pet. At Invisible Fence® Brand, we understand that every pet, family and property is unique, which is why your local authorized dealer will build a custom solution catered to your needs.

Once the dog enters the single-wire section, the signal will work with the collar again, keeping the dog inside the yard. This kit comes with a transmitter, a surge protector, an adjustable collar, flags, and 500 feet of wire that is capable of covering ⅓ acre. For larger properties, shoppers can purchase more wire, enabling them to cover up to 25 acres of property with one system. We know all too well that motivated dogs can find a way to escape even over the tallest traditional fences. But with Boundary Plus installed as reinforcement, our certified trainers can teach your dog to avoid temptations to escape and prevent them from jumping over existing barriers. With thousands of correction settings and wire layout options, Invisible Fence® Brand’s Boundary Plus® technology can be customized for your pet, your yard, and your lifestyle.

An 8′ high woven wire deer fence costs $1.80 and $2.50 per foot to construct. Deer fences are a safe way to keep deer off your property, but they need to be very high because deer can jump high. The mesh can be tricky to put up, as it catches on everything, but it can easily be attached to posts, poles, or even trees.

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