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The Combat Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

The Key Life Of Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Since this wire transmits a radio signal, this is a good repair. Follow the twisted wire towards the main fence loop while holding the radio. You will hear a combination of two sounds as you follow the wire.

This system enables dogs to experience the great outdoors without being restricted to a physically-enclosed space. In addition to outdoor hidden fences, DogWatch also manufactures indoor boundary devices and training products. More recently, DogWatch has also developed its SmartFence system.

dog fence wire break kit

One using the short looping method with an extra wire, one using a wire locator with the short looping method, and the final using an AM radio. The transmitter sends a coded digital FM signal through the boundary wire to the pet’s collar when the pet gets too close to the boundary. This prevents dogs from leaving the invisibly-enclosed space.

You can absolutely call out a professional to come to fix any wire break that you have. Even if you do have to pay something, this might be the best bet for those who aren’t looking to take on a DIY job at the moment. The easiest way to fix a wire break in your DogWatch Hidden Fence is to call your local DogWatch Dealer. Our Dealers and their installation teams are experienced in fixing wire breaks quickly and thoroughly. This is by far the easiest way to find a break, with wire break locators specifically made for the invisible fence model being the simplest to operate.

Full information on how to cross driveways etc is given with the fitting instructions. Unlike the PetSafe dog fence, the transmitter can be plugged in anywhere on your property and will not cause internal interference. The wire is the most important dog fence wire break kit part of your in-ground dog fence system. Without the wire, the system cannot function so it makes sense to invest in the best wire you can. Using a high quality, durable dog fence cable will save you time, money, and a lot of hassle down the line.

Start by carefully digging along the path of the wire where the break is located. Be mindful not to damage any other utilities or underground structures in the process. Dig deep enough to expose the wire and give yourself enough space to work with during the repair. In some cases, breaks may be more challenging to locate, especially if the wire is extensively damaged or if there are multiple breaks. If you’re not sure where to look for the wire break first, here are a few locations where breaks are most commonly found.

Repair damaged boundary wire by splicing the broken wires together. The most common reason why an invisible fence transmitter unit will be beeping is that there is a break somewhere in the wire. While there are some modern units that will actually inform you about this through text, a simple alarm is still the most common way to alert a fence owner. Start by taking your dog inside and taking off his or her receiver collar. As you can imagine, you probably don’t want to keep the collar on the dog for this job! From here, you’ll change your transmitter range to one foot, which will let you get within a foot of the wire before you start to get any reaction from the collar.

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