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The Basics Of Invisible Fence Professionally Installed Revealed

The Nice, The Bad and Invisible Fence Professionally Installed

One of the leading suppliers of electronic dog fences in Australia is Hidden Fence. Overall, the answer to the question “can I buy an electronic dog fence as a kit? Many electronic dog fence systems are available as kits, allowing you to install the system yourself if you’re up for a DIY project. And for those who prefer to leave the installation to the professionals, professional installation is often available as well. However, the technology behind GPS dog fences is still relatively new and can be unreliable. This can result in your dog crossing the virtual boundary without you realising it, potentially leading to dangerous situations.

invisible fence professionally installed

They don’t require any digging and often only require you to plug it in, put on a collar, and at most, download an app onto a smartphone or tablet. Now it’s time for you to read the directions that came with your invisible dog fence product in order to figure out how to properly set up the collar for your pet. This should be an easy process, one that’s made far easier for those who did the tough work of laying the fence before they started working with the collar. Customers can speak directly to the installer or talk to the customer service department to find out the answers to these and other questions about invisible fence installation.

Boundary flags are provided so that your pet can easily see the boundary perimeter. Flags should be placed along the entire perimeter spaced no more than ten feet apart. You should expect AT LEAST 6 months of free, onsite training support to ensure your pet is properly trained. This doesn’t mean that the installer will do the training for you — training is always your responsibility. But, the installer should be willing to come to your home to discuss any questions and/or concerns that arise. Battery life can vary depending on the type of collar and how often the dog triggers the fence.

The core feature of a laser fence security system is its non-physical barrier, which is achieved through the use of lasers and sensors. These systems are typically made from durable materials that house the laser technology, ensuring longevity and reliability. The design of these fences often incorporates weather-resistant components, making them suitable for various climates and outdoor conditions.

If a neighboring dog is not trained to recognize the invisible fence, it could accidentally cross the boundary and get shocked. Give your pets more outdoor access and security invisible fence professionally installed with our residential dog and pet fencing services. We professionally install underground, privacy and ornamental style fences suitable for safely containing pets.

First, you take the wire line (or sensors, depending on which system you get) and set up a perimeter. This calls for a period of training during which the dog and owner travel the fence’s perimeter while noting the flags. Typically, fencing firms work with owners and their dogs for a certain amount of time and offer training regimens.

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