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Stunning Facts About Invisible Fence For Small Dogs Told By A Professional

Life After Invisible Fence For Small Dogs

With a canine invisible fence, you can give your dog the freedom to roam and play, while still keeping them safe and contained. This is a wired, in-ground fence that allows for custom-shaped enclosures, so it does require installation. It will cover up to 1/3 acre and can be expanded up to 25 acres for larger yards invisible fence for small dogs with additional wires. The collar is waterproof and comes with four levels of static stimulation along with a tone-only mode for training. Once your dog is used to the warning signal and moving away from the boundaries of the invisible fences, it is time to set the static correction signal at the lowest level.

The receiver collar emits a warning tone as the dog approaches the boundary, and if the dog crosses the boundary, the collar gives a mild static correction. This is a much safer and more effective way to contain your dog. The top-rated wireless dog fences for multiple dogs are the PetSafe Wireless Containment System and the SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System. These systems are designed to accommodate multiple dogs and come with multiple receiver collars. They are easy to install and come with training manuals to help you train your dogs to stay within the designated area.

invisible fence for small dogs

Designed for stubborn and persistent dogs, the PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Pet Fence works well for hard-to-train pets with a tone-only mode and five levels of static correction. As is, it will protect a 3/4-acre yard, with no digging or wire to bury. It sets up in just a few hours, creating a wireless boundary that protects your pets without the hassle of burying wires. My dog Riley was a handful as a puppy, and I relied on an invisible fence to keep him safely in my yard.

You need to measure your yard before you start the buying process. The size of your yard will determine how big of a perimeter you need. Many people envision a white picket fence as the best way to surround a yard. Picket fences aren’t very secure, though, so many people go with wood privacy fences instead. Once we conclude our research, we craft a comprehensive, user-friendly article of recommended products and additional information to help our readers make the right purchase.

There are other methods of training your dog that utilize positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement. Collars that feature too short of posts don’t effectively shock dogs when they’re past the boundary zone. They’ll keep on running out of the yard until you find a collar that can actually reach their skin. The PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barriers invisible fence is a great choice for pet owners who want to keep their small dog away from a certain area. However, you can also appreciate a lot of the same features as the top pick. It still has a waterproof collar and five levels of static charge.

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