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Strange Report Reveals The Deceptive Techniques of Dog Fence Equipment For Cats

Reasons Why Dog Fence Equipment For Cats Gets Bad Evaluations

It also shows you if your pet has recently challenged the boundary (the “Tattletale” feature). Monitor System SettingsReview your system settings anytime, anywhere. The SmartFence WebApp displays your SmartCollar’s training level and the Transmitter’s training mode, rate, frequency and range. A notification will appear on the Web App and will disappear when the SmartCollar reconnects to the Portal. Also, the fence features a built-in indicator that gets activated in case of any cut or break in the underground wire. Give your cat freedom to play, bask in the sun and be the cats that they are, without having to worry about their safety.

One of the benefits of a radio fence pet containment system is that it is not visible to the eye, making it a more aesthetically pleasing option compared to traditional fences. This can be especially beneficial for homeowners with large properties who want to keep their pets contained without obstructing their views. One of the main benefits of wireless dog fencing is its flexibility.

Whenever, people with dogs wants to put up a fence in their house, they should consider a fence that is dog-proofed. Our Top-Rated Expert Service™ & industry-leading Pet Stop products continue to surpass all competitors. In the Birmingham and central Alabama area, we have 10 years more experience than any local competitor. Cat parents deserve peace of mind in containing their cats without stealing their freedom.

dog fence equipment for cats

Additionally, using a cat harness and supervising outdoor time can allow controlled outdoor access while maintaining safety. Cats tend to have more freedom outside with this one because the correction occurs at the boundary instead of a few feet before. But fair warned—it will keep correcting your dog fence equipment for cats animal even after she passes the boundary (unlike most fences which stop the signal after she’s passed over the transmitter). Unlike some other products we reviewed, this in-ground kitty fence also comes with an easily adjustable collar to maximize the safety and comfort for your little lady.

However, an in-ground system also requires the sufficient quantity of boundary wire and all the electronics must be entirely waterproof. It is preferable if a system includes a CD disk with the detailed explanation on how to use the system. It takes time to train a dog to understand how a wireless pet fence works, so it’s best to use a portable version only if your dog is already accustomed to invisible fences. You’ll also need to teach your pet what the new boundaries are if you’re using this invisible fence on the go. The kit includes 50 training flags that can be placed in the ground to make your dog aware of the edge. This kit comes with the transmitter, collar, and everything else you need to set up and use the device.

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