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When installed properly, a wired invisible fence should last 20+ years. The transmitter of a wireless system should last as long and so will the receiver collar unless damaged accidentally by a rough-playing dog. A wireless invisible fence system can be installed, tested and adjusted in minutes. A wired system for a 1-acre property can be installed in half a day by a 2-person professional crew. If you choose to do it yourself, it may take longer, especially if you’re hand-digging the trench to bury the wire.

With the potential for further innovations, pet owners can feel confident in the safety and well-being of their furry friends. Overall, while invisible fences can be a safe and effective way to contain dogs, it is important to consider the legal and neighborhood implications before installing one. By following regulations and communicating with neighbors, dog owners can ensure that their pets are safe and their neighbors are not impacted. With lightning and surge invisible fence professionally installed protection, homeowners can ensure the safety of their pets even in adverse conditions. In addition, we have digital transmitters that provide a pet safe invisible or unseen boundary for areas up to 100 acres and indoor systems that provide a safer environment throughout your home. Our high quality digital receivers use audible alert tones and or vibration with adjustable pet safe stimulation to guide the behavior of your pets understanding during training.

Consider installing the system yourself as the job isn’t that hard to do. If you’re going to hire a professional to complete the job for you, consider using websites such as to find the best quotes in your area. Here, you describe your job and contractors will email you with free quotes. If considering an invisible fence to allow your dog to receive exercise outside, consider building a kennel. Typically, this fence will work in any yard size and be placed anywhere a wire can be buried. If the battery doesn’t work, the collar won’t beep, allowing the dog to escape.

A wired system will take the most work, since you have to bury the wire, while a wireless system will take almost no work at all besides training and any additional services you may need. A wireless in-ground fence uses a central transmitter similar to the one in a wired system. Instead of sending a signal along a boundary wire that you set, wireless systems project a radio signal to create a round containment zone that you can adjust in size as needed.

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While these fences are cost-effective and convenient, some fear they can negatively affect pets. You’ll have to weigh the advantages against the potential damages and decide whether or not a wired or wireless pet fence is right for you. You can use that average cost to calculate an overall budget estimate for your project based on size. To enclose a full property of that size, an underground dog fence boundary would have to be about 448 linear feet, which would cost around $1,008 total. Buying a premium system from a well-known brand or hiring an expensive contractor could run your bill close to $1,883 total. If your yard is particularly small or you live in a rural area with low labor rates, you could pay as little as $550 for a professionally installed underground dog fence.

The beauty of an in-ground dog fence is that it can take on just about any size or shape you need it to. You can use one to surround your front yard, backyard, or all of your property. They are ideal for keeping the dog running at all times without the need of the owner. Are you still thinking about whether to opt for a professionally installed vs. do it yourself invisible fence? The electronic collar is no doubt an important thing to consider when buying an invisible fence. For an electric collar, make sure to check its waterproof nature, durability and allows your dog to stumble upon it.

For larger yards more than five acres, we offer a GPS Wireless Containment System that uses GPS satellite technology to set custom boundaries around your property. Invisible dog fences can be good alternatives to physical ones, and installation is easy. People leaving a gate wide open or forgetting to lock the latch can lead pets to escape the yard through the opening. By installing an invisible fence, a homeowner can reduce the risk of human error by creating a semipermanent perimeter that remains in place regardless of whether a gate is open or closed.

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