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Reasons Why Dog Fence Professionally Installed Gets Bad Evaluations

Why I Purchased TWO Dog Fence Professionally Installed For My Loved Ones

These systems, though, require you to bury a wire on the perimeter of the containment area. You can either pay to have it professionally installed or dedicate a weekend to digging a trench and burying a wire. It can be difficult to install dog fence professionally installed if your yard has a lot of solid rock or swampy areas. However, once the wire is laid, making a change would require a costly re-installation from a professional…or for you to spend another weekend digging it up and relaying it.

Electric fences are designed to safely discourage dogs from leaving a specified boundary area. As with any type of project, you’re going to want to start by gathering together all of your various tools and materials. The good news is that the most expensive necessary bit of material is the invisible dog fence product that you have likely already purchased. A drawback to installing a physical fence in the yard is that it can block a homeowner’s view of the neighborhood, local wildlife, and the surrounding flora and fauna.

dog fence professionally installed

Underground fences require digging up the land around your property and burying the wires, which can be difficult. Labor makes up the largest portion of the cost to install an invisible fence, totaling up to 75% of the project cost for underground invisible fences or adding about $100 to $200. A consistent and reliable signal is essential for the effectiveness of your electronic dog fence. Professional installers use specialized equipment to test the signal strength throughout the boundary. They can identify and address any weak or disrupted signal areas, ensuring that your dog is safely contained within the designated area.

Dog Fence Professionally Installed

After working for one of the world’s largest underground pet fencing companies, I broke away to become an entrepreneur. My goal to my customers and their dog(s) is to provide the same level of service as the big dogs, for a fraction of their price. By purchasing a dog fence online or at retail and having me install it, my customers save on average 50%. An in-ground dog fence uses a radio signal from a transmitter, wire lines, and a receiver on a dog’s collar to provide warning beeps and safe static stimulations that keep your dog in a contained area. Here are some other factors that can affect the in-ground dog fence installation cost.

Once you have a plan, be sure to get at least 3 estimates from local contractors. Having a professional fence installer do the job will be faster and more economical in the long run. Consider why you need or want a fence and then look at the different options available. You might find your needs will be met with a cheaper type of fencing than you initially thought.

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