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To do a more in-depth visual check, start at the transmitter, where you first see the wire above ground. Walk along the wire, checking to see if the dog fence wire has tension or appears loose. Look around your property for places where it may have been twisted or chopped. Invisible fences are a popular choice for pet owners looking to provide containment while allowing their pets to roam freely within set boundaries.

We hope that the methods listed above can help you find the break in your invisible dog fence system so you can quickly fix it up again. A wire break locator kit is another effective way to locate a break in your fence wire. This kit comes with a mini transmitter and an AM radio that works well for electronic containment systems with less than 500 feet of fence wire.

invisible fence wire break

This essentially guarantees that the product will be able to contain a pet after appropriate training. To ensure a pet is safe and secure in the yard, homeowners are advised to hire a professional installer and take advantage of pet training services. There are three main types of invisible fence systems, including inground, GPS, and wireless. The following are average costs for various kinds of invisible invisible fence wire break fencing (not including materials). Installing an invisible fence in the yard can be an excellent way for homeowners to prevent pets from wandering away, but there are several factors that can impact fencing costs. Avid DIYers may decide to take on an invisible fence installation project, but the best results for a homeowner and their pets are difficult to achieve without a professional installer.

You should place the tester on the collar and try and walk past the boundary of the wire. If you hear an audible warning sound from the collar and the battery tester’s lights turn on, it can mean the battery is still functioning correctly. On the other hand, if the sound comes from the collar, but the light doesn’t flash, it means you need to replace the battery. Resetting your invisible fence system can sometimes be as simple as replacing the transmitter batteries. Ensure to bring your dog inside the house and switch off the power to the fence before you attempt this. Unplug your transmitter, too, before changing the batteries.

A homeowner can expect the labor costs for this job to account for about 50 percent to 75 percent of the total cost of the project. These costs may also include training sessions for the customer’s pets, though this varies depending on the installation company. The labor cost to install a wireless or GPS invisible fence system will largely come in the form of a flat fee that ranges from $100 to $200. For homes with two or more pets, the cost increases by the number of pets.

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