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Powerful Methods For Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats That You Can Use Beginning Today

Lies You’ve Been Told About Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats

It provides real-time location tracking, so you can see exactly where your cat is at any time. It also has alert features to let you know if your cat has wandered into a territory it shouldn’t have. Many home-owners are looking for ways to keep their dogs from digging in the garden, keep their dog out of the flower beds, and keep their dog from eating plants.

Creating a boundary based on time and not distance, your pet cannot run through the boundary. Regardless of the low voltage, positive reinforcement training practices are much more humane for setting indoor boundaries than any shock collar. I wouldn’t recommend using the shock feature on any invisible fencing system at all. After establishing a wired or wireless perimeter, you sync your dog’s collar to the wire and transmitter. Whenever your dog approaches or crosses the perimeter, the collar vibrates, beeps, buzzes, or shocks.

Even if you’re keeping your feline friend strictly indoors, there’s no guarantee it won’t accidentally end up outside. When your dog activates their collar, the resulting shock is minimal—only enough for them to know that they’ve ventured too far. Tethering your dog is generally considered more inhumane, as this causes continuous stress.

invisible fence equipment for cats

Most pet owners have heard of an invisible fence for dogs before. Maybe you’ve even noticed your neighbors training their canine with their new barrier with those little white flags lining their property. Overall, this appears to be one of the most effective and cat-appropriate invisible fences on the market.

You’ll also receive our top 5 picks for the best invisible fences for cats. A fenced yard may be enough to contain most dogs, but cats are another story. Not only are cats able to jump surprisingly high, but they can climb a fence if they really want to. Though you can’t count on a traditional fence to keep your cat contained, there is another kind of fence that might be the key to keeping your cat safe – an invisible fence. But invisible fences weren’t designed to work instantly in this way.

invisible fence equipment for cats

Outdoor Shields® Plus is fully compatible with our other Outdoor Solutions, including 800 Series and Boundary Plus® pet fences, as well as our exclusive Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door. Provide your pets the most security from leaving your yard, while allowing them to enjoy more of it. For pets that are prone to test their boundaries, Boundary Plus® Wired’s patented correction-free return ensures that your pets are never kept outside of the fence. With invisible fence equipment for cats an adjustable boundary of up to 3 feet in diameter you can protect your pets from smaller items throughout your home. Wherever you place an Indoor Shields® Plus Unit you will create an adjustable Invisible Boundary (up to a 6 foot radius) around areas you want to protect your pets from. Multiple SmartShields® Units can be used around your home and multiple pets can be on the SmartShields® System – each with their own individualized boundaries.

You will need to buy the fence wire and transmitter separately for the full setup. The value of an invisible fence depends on your and your pet’s needs. These fences can be adaptable for sloped or irregular terrain, and they do not require a permit for setup, making them an affordable and feasible solution over traditional options. Learn more about what sets us apart from other electric dog fence companies and pet containment options by scheduling your consultation today. Choose from our classic Wired System, our app-connected Smart System (available in the U.S.), or the completely Wireless GPS System, all powered by our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology.

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