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Overview Of Dog Fence Installation Cost

Dog Fence Installation Cost: Should You Rent Or Own?

But installing a fence can be an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Most systems recommend that you bury the wires 1 inch to 3 inches underground. The wires don’t have to be underground to work, but if they’re aboveground, it’s easy to trip over them or to cut them with a lawnmower or trimmer.

Keep these potential needs in mind when figuring out the overall budget for your pet containment system. Plus, if your pet manages to get out (if the fence malfunctions or loses power, etc.), you’ll be able to find your dog or cat easily. Depending on your answers, you may need to invest in additional materials like posts or anchors. To wrap things up, make sure you account for the ongoing costs of upkeep and maintenance for your fence.

I have had many friends and family comment on how nicely it blends into the background so you hardly know it is there. It gives her much more freedom than the staked out lead she was previously attached it. Assuming you have regular sides of around 210 linear feet each, an acre would take 840 linear feet to cover. Thus, that 1,000 foot roll would cover a little more than a single acre. While there are creative layouts that help to make use of areas that wouldn’t otherwise be able to have a big circular loop, the wires do have to loop around to complete a circuit. At Invisible Fence® Brand, we understand that every pet, family and property is unique, which is why your local authorized dealer will build a custom solution catered to your needs.

dog fence installation cost

Whether you have multiple dogs that need separation or other animals that need to be kept apart, wire fencing is an inexpensive option that can serve multiple uses. Once you have the stakes, metal wiring and a hammer, you have everything you need to safely and securely protect your pet. If you decide to build yourself, we have included tips for incorporating decorative and functional dog fence windows that will keep your pet from going stir crazy without a view. Picket fences start at $20 per linear foot and can cost as much as $31 per linear foot. The average cost of labor to build a fence is $35 per hour or about $11 per linear foot of fence. In some areas, the labor cost is as much as $70 per hour, and the linear foot cost is as much as $17.

Dog Fence Installation Cost

Choose from our classic Wired system, our app-connected Smart system, or the completely Wireless GPS system, all powered by our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology. Keep this in mind when you’re determining where to install your boundary wire so that there’s not too much of a jumble of wires around it. This will help prevent your pet from accidentally running into the fence and injuring themselves. A fence with good visibility will also allow you to keep an eye on your dog while they are playing in the yard. The circular boundary range is adjustable up to 3/4-acre, which gives our dogs plenty of room to play and explore. We appreciate that the proprietary circular boundary gently guides our dogs back to the play area, which gives us peace of mind knowing they’re safe.

Dead batteries, underground wire breaks, electricity break (that’s why the solar charger is recommended), or stubborn pets. All this can result in an escape, and when the dog or cat manages to escape, the boundary will shock them when they try to get back in your yard. A wireless invisible fence system may have a limited reach, but you can always extend the dog fence installation cost boundary of a wired system simply by purchasing and installing extra wire. The biggest advantage of an invisible fence, or electric fence, is that it can take on the size and shape which suits you the most. You can use one to surround your front yard, backyard, or property. Most customers choose a 5 foot tall dog fence, which works great for most dogs.

Many people also prefer the look of a vinyl fence over a chain link one, which can increase the price. Installing a chain link fence may sound simple, but it requires a lot of hard work. Find a professional chain link fence installer in your area on Thumbtack. It is possible to install a chain link fence yourself if you’re up for a challenge. If all goes well, it should be a one- to two-day project, minus the wait for your building permit. Depending on the local regulations, it could take a few days or longer to secure the legal go-ahead.

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