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Neutral Article Reveals 5 New Things About Invisible Fence Collar That No one Is Talking About

5 Essential Elements For Invisible Fence Collar

Click here to see more invisible fence collar with free shipping included. With thousands of correction settings and wire layout options, Invisible Fence® Brand’s Boundary Plus® technology can be customized for your pet, your yard, and your lifestyle. Give your pet maximum freedom with our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology. Compared to traditional containment systems, this fence allows your pet to play right up to their boundary line, giving them up to 30% more yard space to explore. If a dog is a jumper, users can send a correction to the collar when the dog starts jumping on guests. Likewise, if users have an area of the yard such as a garden bed or pool that they’d prefer their dog not enter, they can send a correction when the dog gets near it.

Depending on the type of fence you purchase, there may be a few other technicalities to your setup. When you’re training your dog to stay within his boundaries, this is a great feature. But if he’s a naturally fast dog who visits the fence line frequently — or if he happens to chase something that goes outside the boundary — this could pose a hazard for him. Updated version with a 1/3-acre range that can be expanded to cover as much as six acres.

While the basic concept is the same, the qualities and features are not. The actual fence is a set of electrically charged wires that are placed about 3-4 inches underground around the outer edges of your property. A transmitter is set up in your garage or on a wall in a room in your home.

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If you have more than one pet, never fear – the system can accommodate an unlimited number of compatible collars. invisible fence collars are an essential component of the invisible fence system. They are worn by our pets and emit a mild electric stimulation when they approach the boundary line, teaching them to stay within the designated area. Adjustable collar strength allows pet owners to customize the level of stimulation based on their pet’s size, temperament, and training needs. Once your dog is used to the warning signal and moving away from the boundaries of the invisible fences, it is time to set the static correction signal at the lowest level. When he responds by staying within the boundaries upon receiving the correction static signal, great…but what if he doesn’t?

With that, the coverage is also similar to the YardMax, which is ⅓ acres, and the max coverage is 25 acres (additional wires should be purchased). No point in talking about the collars as it’s almost identical to the Stay and Play wireless fence and the other one we looked at above. Other than that, you can contain up to three dogs with the purchase of additional collars.

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