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Make the Most of One’s Dog Fence Break Locator

Five Tricks You Need To Know About Dog Fence Break Locator

Invisible dog fences work via a transmitter that sends radio signals to a receiver collar worn by your dog. If your dog attempts to cross the boundary, the collar emits a warning sound followed by a mild static correction, discouraging them from moving further. The final step in the process involved digging and repairing the break in the electric dog fence wire.

Finding a break in your pet fence boundary wire is easy with the new PetSafe® Wire Break Locator. This wire break detector helps accurately locate full wire breaks in any in-ground fence system. The wire break transmitter sends two unique tones down each side of your dog fence boundary wire. When the dog fence break locator wire break is located, use one of the included wire nuts and gel-filled capsules to repair the broken wire. We recommend repairing the breaks as you go around the boundary. When the wire break is located, use one of the included wire connectors and gel-filled capsules to repair the broken wire.

dog fence break locator

These often come with their own easy-to-understand manuals, but if you don’t have one on hand, you can use a multimeter to run a small current through the circuit. Disconnect the boundary wire connection from the transmitter and connect your test wire. If the transmitter is working correctly, it should light up upon connecting the wire to the positive and negative terminals. If not, you may not have a break in your dog fence wire system at all, but instead may be dealing with a broken transmitter. First and foremost, take the time to thoroughly inspect your repaired electric dog fence.

Dog Fence Break Locator

If a wire should break, your transmitter box will let you know by incessantly beeping and flashing. You may also notice that your receiver collars are no longer reacting when you approach the wire. By using the divide and conquer strategy you can solve your big problems in a manageable way. Firstly divide the underground dog fence into manageable sections. If you see any inspection in a particular section use a wire break locator this tool helps you to find a wire break and you easily repair the break. Now that you have tested the signal strength and located any potential weak spots in your electric dog fence, it’s time to check for obstructions.

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