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Learn What Invisible Fence Wire Break Is

The Features Of Invisible Fence Wire Break

Our Shields Avoidance Solutions work with the same Invisible Fence Computer Collar receiver that your pet wears outdoors. The Shields indoor solution is a small, wireless 5-inch disc that can be placed anywhere that you’d like to keep your pet away from. Invisible Fence® Brand boundary wire is a direct burial grade wire and has a life expectancy of 27 years left undisturbed in the ground. We encourage families to wait until their pets are successfully contained for 2-3 weeks before starting the exit ritual. Following this ritual will make learning to leave for a walk a very easy process for both the pet and the family.

invisible fence wire break

Thus, a fence left energized, albeit in a state of high resistance will generally not trigger a wire break alert for much longer than one left unplugged. If you want to ensure that your invisible fence works correctly at all times, we recommend a wired design instead. Yes, a dog or any other wild animal can break through an invisible fence. Although these invisible fences are used to protect canines by preventing them from going out of the yard, they don’t prevent risk from entering the yard. Wild animals and stray dogs can easily enter the yard and do destruction.

The wire is connected to a transmitter, usually mounted in your basement or your garage. The transmitter sends a harmless, low level radio signal through the boundary wire, which is usually buried two to six inches underground. Your pet wears a special receiver collar that receives the radio signals. If your pet gets too close to the boundary wire, there is an audible alert from the receiver collar. If your pet does not retreat from the boundary, there is a brief static correction from the collar.

Imagine a wire in that sponge that under proper conditions will expand to the size of the sponge. However, damage the wire, and it is subject to breaking under the pressure of expansion. Installing a wired system, on the other hand, invisible fence wire break requires intense labor and careful planning. You’ll have to dig a few feet into the ground to bury the wire that communicates with the collar and transmitter. Invisible fences can be wired, wireless, or a combination of the two.

invisible fence wire break

If you hear this alarm, we recommend contacting your local DogWatch Dealer as soon as possible. He or she can then schedule a time to visit your property, pinpoint the precise location of the wire break and repair the wire. In the meantime, you can turn off or unplug the transmitter, which will turn off the alarm. Start by taking your dog inside and taking off his or her receiver collar. As you can imagine, you probably don’t want to keep the collar on the dog for this job!

It is suggested by some statistics that the failure rate of invisible fences is around 30%. Many individuals think that these fences are the best medium to keep canines in the yard. However, the invisible fences are not as effective as we think. In most cases, a dog will require about 3 weeks of consistent training before the owner will see significant results. Establish the fence perimeter by laying the wire on the ground, starting at the transmitter and returning to it.

As a family dog expert, author and dog lover – I write about the wellbeing and training of family dogs. My wife and I love playing with our active miniature Labradoodle Max. We want all puppies to be healthy and happy, have lots of fun and be part of the family. That’s the whole idea—to surprise wandering dogs and persuade them to return to familiar territory so they don’t get lost or end up someplace where they might be in real danger.

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