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It’s This That I Take Advantage Of My Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats For

The 2-Minute Rule for Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats

What I love about this invisible fence is that you can adjust the range from two to ten feet. The system offers a tone-only mode for a non-stimulation warning. Set up visual boundaries using the provided flags and attach the receiver collar to the neck of your feline. Typically this is either an audio signal (warning tone) or a static electric shock applied to your cat’s neck.

One house and three dogs later, Invisible Fence Brand is still the best solution for keeping my dogs safe and healthy. They can run free in the yard and get the exercise they need to stay healthy and strong. Our Boundary Plus® GPS Wireless system is perfect for properties 1 acre and up. No need to worry about a wire-break somewhere on your property that could allow your pet to escape.

Fully compatible with your Invisible Fence® system, Outdoor Shields add an additional level of custom protection to help your pet avoid specified areas. When it comes to using an Invisible Fence system, training is key. Outdoor Shields® Plus provides a circular signal field up to 12 feet in diameter. This is perfect invisible fence equipment for cats for creating small and large boundaries in your yard. Outdoor Shields® Solutions help keep your cat or dog out of the landscaping and other outdoor trouble spots — like garbage cans, pools, grills and fire pits. Invisible Fence® Brand’s Boundary Plus® GPS wireless pet containment can be customized for your property.

invisible fence equipment for cats

The MB1 has a rechargeable battery and will protect an area up to 3m in diameter (1.5m from the center). This is a perfect choice to protect a small area if you need a portable boundary that can be used without plugging it in. We have an indoor wired or wireless pet containment system for any lifestyle need. Enjoy your pet’s company in your home and regain control of your house with our indoor cat fencing. With a wide range of containment and avoidance products, our Pet Consultants will find the Invisible Fence® solution that’s right for you. Give your pet maximum freedom with our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology.

Compared to in-ground or wireless invisible fences, indoor fences are smaller, cheaper, and cover less territory. When used as a complement to other training methods, they can help keep your cat from exploring counters, entering certain rooms, or darting out of the door. It has a surge protector and an adjustable receiver collar with 4 static correction levels. When your can leaves the containment area, a correction is triggered.

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