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Invisible Fence Troubleshooting Tips

Three Essential Ways You Have To Simply take Before Buying Invisible Fence Troubleshooting

Make sure that the collar is properly connected to the receiver unit and that there are no loose or damaged connections. Check for any signs of wear and tear that may be affecting the collar’s performance. Ensure that the prongs on the collar are making good contact with your pet’s skin.

invisible fence troubleshooting

This flexibility is particularly beneficial for homeowners who might change their landscaping or add new features to their property over time. Considering an invisible fence to protect your pet, but need more information? Before you or your contractors begin this type of work, draw a map of your hidden fence boundary and highlight potential problem areas. Or better yet, temporarily mark where the boundary wire is buried using DogWatch flags or other similar small flags.

invisible fence troubleshooting

Did you know that certain environmental factors can interfere with the wireless fence’s operation? Refer to Table 4 for insights on mitigating environmental challenges. A comfortable collar leads to a content pet, free from unnecessary beeping disturbances. Professionally installed in-ground systems often run from $1,000 to $2,000, which includes material, trenching and at least one training session. To go the DIY route, you’ll need to educate yourself on proper training or pay to hire a trainer.

One system, one app, complete protection for your pets inside and outside your home. Invisible fence collars typically consist of a receiver unit, which is worn around your pet’s neck, and contact points that come into direct contact with your pet’s skin. These contact points transmit the mild electric stimulation that serves as a deterrent when your pet approaches the boundary line.

Using satellite GPS technology, we’re able to virtually map your pet’s boundary no matter the size or terrain of your property. For the right owner and pet, an invisible invisible fence troubleshooting fence can let the dog enjoy the outdoors without the cost and obstruction of physical fencing. If in doubt, hold the collar to your arm and cross the fence.

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