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Invisible Fence Training Options

Surprising Information About Invisible Fence Training Revealed

Our certified trainers work with pets of all ages, breeds, sizes and temperaments, so your dog can learn its boundaries at its own pace. They invisible fence training can advise what is the best training approach for your pet. We believe the key to training pets to use Invisible Fence are time and patience!

invisible fence training

If your space doesn’t have a physical fence, an invisible fence will work excellently to keep your doggy safe. Have lots of treats and toys to reward and reinforce appropriate containment behaviors. If everything looks good, try retraining your dog once again on respecting the boundaries. Post flags around the boundary, and use a whistle as the dog approaches the fence line to reinforce the warning.

Bury the wire, following the manufacturers’ instructions, and replace the turf – in most situations, you will hardly notice where you buried the wire. However, for training purposes, mark the boundary line with something so your dog can recognize it easily, like a rope or small flags. You can also think of an invisible fence as an imaginary boundary for your dog. An invisible fence is ideally suited to areas where there is no space to put a physical barrier, or it is impractical to do so for other reasons.

If they ignore the noise signal and continue through the barrier, they’ll receive a corrective stimulus to deter them from repeating the path. Continue to reward your pup for avoiding the barrier, and encouraging them to remain inside the fenced off area. Those flags you put out earlier will help reinforce the presence of the fence they can’t see. Following this step-by-step training process will help your dog understand and respect the boundaries created by the invisible fence system. By following these steps and adequately preparing your dog, you can create a solid foundation for the invisible fence training process. In the next section, we will dive into the step-by-step training process to help your dog understand and respect the boundaries set by the invisible fence.

Whether you have a backyard bigger than your home or a tiny apartment patio, the AWEEC Wireless Dog Fence can be a good fit. Having a great invisible fence can lead to endless adventures for your furry companion! However, with an invisible fence, you’ll need to spend a lot of time teaching your dog where the boundaries are before you set them loose in the yard. You typically establish the boundary by walking along it with your mobile device on and the app open, using GPS. The procedure varies from product to product, so make sure you read the instructions. You should also remove the receiver collar in between sessions.

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