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Invisible Fence Batteries Fundamentals Explained

In most states, emergency responders lack the equipment to resuscitate and save pets. At Invisible Fence® Brand, we’re passionate about protecting pets so you can focus on fun! Let’s talk and we’ll find the gentle, effective, affordable solution that’s right for you and your pet.

invisible fence batteries

Be sure to keep track of the rubber gasket that covers the battery. This will make sure that the battery is kept dry and working if the dog should be caught outside in the rain. While the correction from a Computer Collar Receiver may be uncomfortable and startling to your pet, it will not hurt them. Many pets only feel the correction once or twice and don’t challenge the system afterwards.

If you have a rechargeable model, please refer to your manual to check the battery life. Checkout this guide if you want to know how to test an invisible fence battery. If all tests passed, there might be a break in the boundary wire. You’ll need to carefully dig up the invisible invisible fence batteries fence wires to locate the wire break. DogWatch requires special 20 or 18 gauge insulated wire designed for their systems. Some DogWatch dealers may reuse existing wire from old systems, but they test it thoroughly first to ensure conductivity and insulation is sound.

Invisible Fence pioneered the pet containment industry more than 45 years ago and continues to lead the industry decades later. Every member of the Invisible Fence family pledges to uphold our original vision to improve the way people live with their pets. First, a wire is installed around the perimeter of your property, establishing your pet’s Invisible Boundary® perimeter. A transmitter, usually placed in your basement or garage, sends a radio signal along the wire. That is why we create our Perfect Start Plus Training Program. Contact your local Invisible Fence Brand professional for more information.

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The type of battery used in your invisible fence system will depend on the specific brand and model. It is important to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult the user manual to ensure you are using the correct type and size of batteries for your system. Understanding how long invisible fence batteries last and how to properly maintain them is crucial for ensuring the continuous functionality of your invisible fence system. With that in mind, let’s dive into the world of invisible fence batteries and discover the secrets to maximizing their lifespan.

It’s a good idea to keep track of when you last replaced the battery to ensure your pet’s safety. After initial training, homeowners can change the correction level or other settings on their own very easily. There’s no need to wait for a technician or ship products out for adjustment. DogWatch transmitters and receivers are user-adjustable so you can change settings and correction levels yourself. With Invisible Fence systems, only a dealer can adjust settings on a service call or you need to ship equipment in. When it comes to improving the lives of pets and their people, it’s never a job – it’s a labor of love.

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