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Invisible Fence Installation Options

Before It’s Too Late what to do About Invisible Fence Installation

On a larger property, a fence may be erected to establish property lines or keep livestock or other animals contained. While these fences will necessarily be much longer, they are often made of inexpensive materials such as barbed wire. Commercial properties may require fencing for security purposes, and chain link is both an affordable and durable option. It stands to reason that the larger the size of the fence, the more labor and materials will be needed to install it. This will naturally lead to a higher fence installation cost per foot.

Dog trainer Ali Smith, CEO and founder of Rebarkable, says “in most instances, a real fence is better.” Despite her misgivings, invisible fences are becoming more popular. Models with extensive features may require extensive training for you, too, to make sure you use the collar correctly. However, with consistency and effort, training can give your dog more freedom without compromising safety. Meaning that people with yards that aren’t in a perfect circle or square will find this inground dog fence to be well worth the money and installation time. The ninth dog fence on the best invisible dog fence list is the fourth product from PetSafe. The perimeter of this invisible dog fence is ¾ of an acre, which is definitely a decent area.

With the same Computer Collar® Receiver, your pet can have safe yard boundaries, access our secure pet door, and learn better behaviors both indoors and out. Plus, all Invisible Fence® solutions include professional installation and expert pet training. So, whether your pet is the outdoorsy type, a couch potato, or somewhere in between, Invisible Fence® Brand has solutions to match. If convenience is a priority, opt for a wireless dog fence system because it’s easier to install and program. Satisfied customers we found highlighted the remote control and ease of installation.

invisible fence installation

Fortunately, an invisible fence, or wireless fence, can be an incredibly useful alternative for many. Essentially an underground wire that sets up a boundary used by a collar, these fences are perfect for those who have the ability to put them in. This tenth-rated invisible dog fence provides adequate coverage for pet owners who live on large spaces of land. Our branch is an authorized, full-service dealership of genuine Invisible Fence® Brand products and services.

These devices come in different types and styles to fit the varying needs of dogs and pet owners. From upscale models that use GPS to collars with wireless settings, these devices create safe boundaries and have adjustable settings to fit different breeds and personalities. Your standard invisible fence consists of a transmitter, receiver, and wires to hook up to your property’s electrical pane and set up the perimeter underground. This type of fence will net you a price of around $1,325 for installation. Pricing for an invisible fence also often includes a collar and a charger for the collar.

invisible fence installation

Some of the most popular types of invisible fences include underground, radio frequency, and sonic. Many wireless and GPS-based options are perfect for DIY invisible dog fence installation. They don’t require any digging and often only require you to plug it in, put on a collar, and at most, download an app onto a smartphone invisible fence installation or tablet. While there may be many different types of conventional fences, there are three types of invisible fences to choose from to keep your furry friend from wandering away. The underground invisible fence involves hooking up to electricity through wires and setting a physical perimeter in the ground.

In urban areas, an invisible electric fence may be best to keep pets in the yard. For aesthetic purposes, a 3-foot conversation fence might be suitable in the front yard, but an entire privacy fence may be preferred for the backyard. Fences can be made of split rails, wood panels, decorative wood, mesh, chain link, vinyl, composite vinyl (faux wood), aluminum, steel, or wrought iron. More than one fence type can be built on a property, and a fence builder can easily coordinate the colors and styles that will suit a homeowner’s needs and preferences.

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