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Invisible Fence Installation And Beyond

The Pain of Invisible Fence Installation

Then you’ll need to work your way up to having the system on with the dog wearing the collar. The important thing during this training is to praise (and treat) your dog when it’s not near the fence. Electric fences are typically less than $800 and are fairly easy to install (you can even do it yourself). On the other hand, radio frequency and sonic fences are more expensive. These types of fences typically range anywhere from $800-$3,000 to install.

Most either use a GPS marker (similar to what is found in pet GPS trackers) or a centrally-located beacon, around which dogs can stray for a user-determined distance before being corrected. With these systems, you save a lot of work, but the typically circular areas they enclose can be frustrating in the square, boxy world we live in. While most systems can accommodate dogs as low as 5 pounds, few are made with their needs in mind. The WIEZ offers a surprising number of training mode combinations (the manual claims 32) for its price.

invisible fence installation

And, if you ever have questions or need help, your local experts are there for you. That’s why we’ll find a convenient time that works with your schedule to meet your pets, take a look at your property and talk about your needs. And together, we’ll choose an affordable, effective solution to match. Replacement batteries for the collar receiver will be your only ongoing cost.

invisible fence installation

Our team of experts can help monitor your system and keep your pet secure. The wire should also be inspected periodically for damage or breaks, and any repairs should be made promptly to ensure the fence is functioning properly. Some breeds may require more intensive training to adapt to the fence. The “trigger zone” is three to six feet, a shorter zone than most, so be aware when deciding the boundaries you want this fence to be—keep it away from the road. And apparently, their customer service is above and beyond normal companies if you need help with training and setup.

While less costly variations of conventional fences are available, neighborhood laws frequently restrict building materials. Certain fencing materials, invisible fence installation like wood and iron, can be costly, and labor costs extra. Even with competent installation, invisible electric fences are frequently less expensive.

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