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Instant Methods To Dog Fence Collar In Detail by detail Detail

The Chronicles of Dog Fence Collar

We put careful consideration into the fences that made our list. We considered the square footage they covered, correction methods used, collar quality, battery life, and fencing quality. Our list includes collars that are best used outdoors along with those that can work indoors or outdoors.

With a depth of 8 to 10 inches, depending on the size of the dog, this is a ground fence panel that extends the protection of your fence, making sure they can’t dig their way to freedom. Your dog will love the opportunity to run free, especially in an area bigger than the entire yard! The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence can have boundaries that cover thousands of acres with up to 1,500 GPS fence posts. These fences warn your dog if they stray too close to the boundary by sounding a tone on the collar or giving them a mild static shock.

dog fence collar

This is fine for some dogs but might be too confined for energetic ones. The SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence allows you to create a huge virtual fence with GPS technology by just walking along the fence boundary. From the phone app, you can adjust the shape of the boundary and track your dog with great accuracy. Models with extensive features may require extensive training for you, too, to make sure you use the collar correctly. However, with consistency and effort, training can give your dog more freedom without compromising safety. This model also comes with the Link app, where you can customize correction settings and do more than keep your dog in your yard.

You also get the option of different wire gauges based on how large of an area you need to include. The plastic casing on the receiver (located on the collar) can crack over time, so you may need to replace it a few times over its lifespan. Virtual fences are stored in the collar and keep your dog inside the boundaries you set. Create virtual fences in different locations, like your front and backyards or a friend’s house. These are strict liability laws, in general, meaning that an owner can be liable even if they did not mean for the dog to “run at large” under the code.

Choose from five levels of static correction and enjoy a receiver collar that charges in two to three hours (each charge lasts for three week). The boundary on this version is larger than our top pick—it dog fence collar covers up to three-quarters of an acre from where you place the transmitter. It’s also portable and offers zap-free re-entry in the unlikely event your that furry friend happens to escape the yard.

Dog Fence Collar

If any components of the collar are missing (i.e. charger, static correction points, etc.), a $50 fee may be charged. In order for the SpotOn GPS Fence to work most optimally, you will need to train your dog to recognize the sounds when they are getting near the boundary. SpotOn recommends spending at least 15 minutes a day training your dog until they recognize the sounds. When the collar arrives, it’s very important that you read the instruction manual carefully.

For example, the collar lets you build a custom fence of any shape from a half acre to thousands of acres, and you can “draw” the planned boundary with your phone. Once your fence is created, simply save it in the app to store it for later use. This system features seven levels of static, letting you adjust to your dog’s responsiveness.

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