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How Will You Get Invisible Fence Collar

Invisible Fence Collar Help!

If you don’t want to bury a wire around your home, a wireless model like the Pawious GPS Dog Fence is a viable solution. Plus, this model costs a fraction of many of the in-ground systems. You also get the option of different wire gauges based on how large of an area you need to include. The plastic casing on the receiver (located on the collar) can crack over time, so you may need to replace it a few times over its lifespan. Another highlight is the collar’s adjustable fit, which can fit necks from 6 to 26 inches in circumference. Finally, the system comes with enough wire to contain 1/3 of an acre and can expand with extra wire from Pet Safe to up to 25 acres.

invisible fence collar

I also chose to go with a physical containment method because I began to question the ethics of electric hidden fences. To set it up, you’ll establish your yard boundaries via GPS satellite. Your dog then wears a special GPS invisible fence collar computer collar to keep him out of the invisible boundary area. This unit also features wireless collars and gives you the chance to set up “no-go zones” for indoor and outdoor objects you want to keep your pet away from.

The Halo Collar is priced at $699, while the SpotOn Collar comes at $999, each serving the unique needs of dog owners. If you’re undecided, watch our honest comparison video on Halo vs. SpotOn to help you choose the one that fits your needs best. One of the first things I ran into when I unboxed the Halo Collar 3 for the first time was the size issue. As a Doberman dog owner, I’ve never had a collar sizing issue, and the Halo didn’t disappoint. Hidden Fence Dealers are specifically trained to properly install and program your new DogWatch® hidden fence system to offer the best welfare and protection for your pet.

invisible fence collar

This in-ground fence for dogs uses a transmitter and buried wire to encircle the property. Many dog lovers worry that the electric shock is painful or emotionally devastating to a dog. However, if you hold the receiver (collar) in your hand and hold it over the boundary line you will find that it is neither painful nor shocking, but merely irritating.

Wireless fences establish a circular fence area of varying sizes. The transmitter stays at the center, but you can use multiple transmitters for larger properties. These models can cover different types of terrain, including water. You also have the option to use a beacon, which is a GPS tag that you can place in areas you want your dog to avoid, like the kitchen garbage. For folks who have a large property and take their dog on the road, I’m not sure you can do much better than the Halo.

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