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How Invisible Fence Wire Break Kit could Save You Time, Money, and Stress

Invisible Fence Wire Break Kit Explained

Remember, regular system maintenance and prompt repairs are essential for maintaining a reliable and effective invisible fence system. Properly utilizing an invisible fence wire repair kit can restore your invisible fence system’s functionality and keep your pet safely contained. If you need to repair a break in your invisible fence wire, using a repair kit can be a cost-effective and straightforward solution. Yes, you can fix an invisible fence by splicing in an unbroken wire.

invisible fence wire break kit

If you are enclosing a larger area, you will need to buy more wire. Another key advantage to using electric dog fencing is that it decreases the possibility of human error. Forgetting to lock pet gates is a common mistake, especially when you’re in a hurry.

If you find your dog frequently escapes and you can’t find a break, there can be a few causes. Some dogs are very stubborn and will ignore the corrections. Many intelligent breeds are very stubborn and will make any obedience invisible fence wire break kit training difficult. Try to go through more training and work specifically on how to introduce an invisible dog fence while training your pet. It can also be that your correction is not right for the dog.

Our eXtreme Max Brand Wire is coated in a thick, 60 ml polyethylene jacket, which is the best coating available today. It has been thoroughly tested and tried for maximum performance. This heavy-duty, ultra-durable dog fence wire outperforms the rest. You can rest assured, knowing that you are installing the best wire to keep your dog safe. This system is also great for small dogs, as the collar will fit those 5 pounds and up (neck sizes 6-28 inches).

That would defeat the entire point of these freedom-loving devices, after all. Instead, wired means a bit of busy work for you—having to lay it out around the yard and possibly do some digging—in exchange for precision control. The underground wire represents the barrier around the space. In light of this, we found the best invisible dog fences that met the criteria for some of the overall most important categories. Still, high-quality, wired products such as the PetSafe YardMax should cover the needs of a general audience quite well.

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