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How Invisible Fence Collar can Save You Time, Money, and Stress

I Did maybe not know that!: Top Ten Invisible Fence Collar of the decade

Though running your wire aboveground will work fine, doing so leaves the wire susceptible to damage from lawn mowers, string trimmers, and other yard activities. We include a Money-Back Performance Guarantee on all of our containment systems as well as a minimum one-year equipment warranty – so not only is your pet secure, so is your investment. Still, the indoor environment—your dog’s home where they likely feel free to roam—isn’t necessarily the easiest training environment. But if there are places that your dog knows they shouldn’t be (for example, the cat’s litter box), this could be all the reinforcement they need to avoid it. Once we conclude our research, we craft a comprehensive, user-friendly article of recommended products and additional information to help our readers make the right purchase.

invisible fence collar

PetSafe is a trusted company and appears to provide excellent customer service, providing consultations to help customers get the invisible fence set up and working smoothly. It’s an in-ground invisible fence that covers up to one-third of an invisible fence collar acre out of the box. If you need to cover more ground, you can buy more wire for up to 25 acres of coverage. You can attach the wire to an existing fence, bury it a few inches underground, or thread it through expansion joints in your driveway.

invisible fence collar

While the basic concept is the same, the qualities and features are not. The actual fence is a set of electrically charged wires that are placed about 3-4 inches underground around the outer edges of your property. A transmitter is set up in your garage or on a wall in a room in your home.

That said, if you’re looking specifically for “no dig” options, you’ll want to either check out our top 5 favorite wireless dog fences or stick with the first two options below. Electric dog fences use physically painful and psychologically distressing electric shocks to discourage dogs from crossing a boundary wire. Moreover, the effectiveness of an electric fence is limited since you can only bury a wired fence in some places where you’re with your dog.

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