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How Does Dog Fence Wire Break Kit Work

The Fight Against Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Along with our manual our extreme videos help you learn how to program your transmitter with ease. Be cautious when digging around your yard’s perimeter wire for new construction, tree planting or removal, snow plowing equipment, or garden aeration. These are the most commonly reported reasons why the electric dog fence wire breaks. If you wish to keep repairing the existing broken wires, repeat the steps above to repair multiple sections of the wire.

Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 8 hours per day. When possible reposition the collar on the dog’s neck every 1 to 2 hours. Proceed with securing the remaining section of the mesh by following the process described in step 17. Secure the mesh to the posts using staples at 15cm intervals. Fasten the wire to the middle posts using staples, leaving a slight gap to allow for some movement of the wire within the staple. Use a separate piece of wire to secure a radisseur to the last post.

dog fence wire break kit

First, do a physical check by walking the area of the electric dog fence wire. Look for signs of damage, such as disturbed ground or trees that have been uprooted. Any sign of significant disturbance is likely where there will be wire breaks. Finding a break in your pet fence boundary wire is easy with the new PetSafe® Wire Break Locator. This wire break detector helps accurately locate full wire breaks in any in-ground fence system. The wire break transmitter sends two unique tones down each side of your dog fence boundary wire.

We were especially concerned with our goats as we have fields all around us. Thank you so much for supporting us with help when we needed it. This method will allow you to check up to 2000′ of underground wire till you find a break. If you have a longer segment than that just use the method from both ends for 4000′ of total checked wire.

If you are NOT using your house to complete one side of your enclosure or if you have more than four (4) 90° angles you’ll need to order an extra post corner kit. This fence is perfect for medium to large dog breeds like German Shepherds. However, if your dog happens to be a dog fence wire break kit chewer, we would recommend our MAX strength fence. Watch the video below for a demonstration of how to use it. This locator can detect wires up to 80 cm away from the sensing unit. I cannot begin to express how great this product is and how great the people are at PetSafe.

PVC pipe under the walkway using a mini sledgehammer, and feed the wire through it. Cap the leading end of the pipe to keep dirt out while you’re tapping. Using a drill and driver, screw the transmitter to a wall that’s well-protected from the elements and close to an electrical receptacle.

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