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How a ‘profession’ uses Dog Fence Repair Broken Wire

Unanswered Questions on Dog Fence Repair Broken Wire That You Should Know About

We expect with 99% certainty that we will find another break or another bad splice that someone else made before us. When we find someone else’s bad splice or another break we charge again for our service. This is where electrons of dissimilar materials will migrate from an area of high concentration to a lower concentration.

dog fence repair broken wire

Properly utilizing an invisible fence wire repair kit can restore your invisible fence system’s functionality and keep your pet safely contained. If you need to repair a break in your invisible fence wire, using a repair kit can be a cost-effective and straightforward solution. Our dog fence wire does not heal itself like you or I if we cut our finger or skin our knee. A single nick in a line is bad, as it eventually corrodes given enough time and exposure to moisture in the soil.

The hardest part of repairing an underground dog fence is locating the break. Thankfully I was home when the utility crew broke the line so we had a good idea where to start looking but also they used their locating equipment to assist in locating the break. The last break we had was caused by a gopher and it was located by walking around the yard until I found the place where the wire was sticking out of the ground. Many things can cause a break in the fence wire, including rodents, weed whackers, edgers, and lawn aerators.

Focus on areas prone to disturbances, like pathways, driveways, or areas where gardening or landscaping activities might have taken place. Our Waterproof Wire Splices aren’t solely for electric dog fences. You can use them dog fence repair broken wire to wire a sprinkler system, irrigation system, or any other low-voltage underground wire application. Of all the home improvement projects tackled in the past 5 years the most useful one has been the underground dog fence.

Once you have the right wire, you can find the spot where the wire has broken and you’ll be able to splice in the new wire in order to repair your wire break. Your invisible dog fence wire will have a coating over the wires. You will need to strip this off to expose the internal copper core. If you do, you will need to cut off the damaged portion and try again.

Dog Fence Repair Broken Wire

If the damaged wire is extensive or severely corroded, it may need to be replaced. The flashing in your extreme fence collar is an indication of low battery life, and it shows because you need to change it. For better understanding listen to the warning beeps that will help you out. After replacing the collar battery make sure you test the collar and see if it’s working or not. Remove any debris that is touching the fence – cut back trees and grass as if they are touching the wire; they could impact the voltage. Remove anything that is broken and replace it with a new part.

Now connecting the wire the way it is to the transmitter would restrict your dog from running all around the yard hence the need to twist the wires. Twisted wires can also be used to connect loops but should not be used as a part of the main loop or else your dog will be able to pass the boundary. Twisting the wires is the best way but not the only way to stop the fence signal.

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