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How a ‘profession’ uses Dog Fence Repair Broken Wire

This Is What I Personally Use My Dog Fence Repair Broken Wire For

Twist the included wire nut around the ends you have twisted together. This capsule protects and encases the joined wires tightly together, with a seal that is waterproof. You will need to use the stretcher bars in order to keep the fence line vertical and be able to work. Whether it is because of cuts, scrapes or animal activity, you don’t have to replace your entire existing fence. Fixing your woven wire fence is a lot easier than you might anticipate.

dog fence repair broken wire

Properly utilizing an invisible fence wire repair kit can restore your invisible fence system’s functionality and keep your pet safely contained. If you need to repair a break in your invisible fence wire, using a repair kit can be a cost-effective and straightforward solution. Our dog fence wire does not heal itself like you or I if we cut our finger or skin our knee. A single nick in a line is bad, as it eventually corrodes given enough time and exposure to moisture in the soil.

Most professionally installed electric dog fences use 14–16 gauge wire, which is covered with a thicker jacket and uses three to four times the copper of other sizes. Choosing a thicker gauge is always viable for the best performance of your invisible dog fence. Once you find the place where the wire has broken, you’ll need to splice in the right kind of wire to repair the break. It’s generally recommended that you use a 16-gauge wire for this task, specifically one that’s rated to be buried underground and that’s waterproof. You may actually be able to pick up a patch kit from your invisible fence dealer, but even if you can’t you can purchase the wire on your own and create your own splice.

Finding a break in your pet fence boundary wire is easy with the new PetSafe® Wire Break Locator. This wire break detector helps accurately locate full wire breaks in any in-ground fence system. The wire break transmitter sends two unique dog fence repair broken wire tones down each side of your dog fence boundary wire. With the hand-held locator, you not only hear each tone sent by the wire break transmitter, but the red and green lights on the locator allow you to see which tone is being received.

Imagine a wire in that sponge that under proper conditions will expand to the size of the sponge. However, damage the wire, and it is subject to breaking under the pressure of expansion. To finish, you might want to cut the excess wire to prevent further damage or accidents.

Dog Fence Repair Broken Wire

By using an invisible fence wire repair kit, you can swiftly address wire breaks and maintain the integrity of your pet containment system. Remember that proper maintenance and preventive measures can significantly reduce the need for repairs, keeping your pet safe and secure within the designated boundaries. When working with underground wires, safety should be the topmost priority. Especially in the case of invisible fences, which use buried wires as a boundary and shock deterrent for pets, special care must be taken to prevent electrocution and other hazards.

Also, passing the wire through a plastic pipe or even a metal pipe will not stop the signal. Neither will the signal be canceled if you bury it deeper into the ground. Wrapping paper, tape, or anything around each wire will not stop the signal too.

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