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Why I Love/Hate Dog Fence Training

Just close enough to show the boundary wireline and not require too many flags. And since the wires are buried it might be difficult for you to tell where the dog fence perimeter is especially without the collar. The BHCEY runs a bit cheaper and can regularly hit the two-digit price mark when on sale. It also has the issue of having a large minimum size for the radius, making it not suitable for smaller play areas. If it suits your needs, however, it is a steal and a great way to start training your dog with invisible fences. However, you’re limited to a defined area to confine your dog in.

dog fence training

Upgrade your dog’s play space today and enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re secure. Additionally, a well-designed fence can protect dogs from hazards outside the yard, such as wildlife or toxic plants, which can significantly threaten their well-being. With the dog fence training AWEEC Wireless & Electric Dog Fence, you can give your furry companion the freedom to explore and play. A secure and sturdy dog fence can prevent curious dogs from escaping and running off to dangerous situations, helping you relax while they play outside.

Remember, a well-fenced area is more than just a boundary; it’s a cornerstone of responsible and loving pet ownership. So, you begin the second day with the same previous boundary awareness thing. It is recommended to keep this routine continued until your pooch understands the purpose of electric fence training. During this period, you could train your pet about the boundary limits, flag posts, and make them understand the value of being within the yard. Walk your pet in the garden space, and as soon as they get near to the boundary zone – it will create the beep sound. Let your pooch stay for a while, and gently pull them back to the play area.

That way, a correction can keep your dog away for 5 meters from where the wire is, for example. This means that no matter what you build or put around your property, you can adjust your pet’s boundary with a few clicks. This electric dog fence system is Australian made and owned which ensures the quality is unmatched, but what we really love is that it has been tested in Australian conditions. Each product features adjustable levels of correction to cater to the individual sensitivity and learning curve of your dog, minimizing discomfort and stress.

The Small collar fits necks from inches, the Medium fits necks from inches, and the Large fits necks from inches. Taking some time to properly train your four-legged friend will ensure that he understands that whenever he breaks a rule, he’ll get corrected. Comprehending why dogs may attempt to escape or roam outside their fenced area is essential for creating a secure and harmonious environment. This understanding begins with recognizing that each dog is an individual, influenced by a combination of breed characteristics, individual temperament, and environmental factors. It serves as the first line of defense, safeguarding dogs from external dangers such as traffic, aggressive animals, and the risk of getting lost.

Dog Fence Training

This feature, much like the sound feature, will work to train your doggy on what to do when they approach the fence line of the invisible fence. If you are still not a fan of static, most invisible fence systems come with a vibration only feature which you can use as the corrective response. Like all instinctual behaviors, barrier frustration can be diluted, channeled, and redirected to a certain degree. Changes that focus on the environment may be more effective—at least while you’re in the process of training. You may be one of the lucky few who have a dog with a high recall, who understands that the fence-line war is a giant no-no. Vedrana Nikolić is Gentle Dog Trainers Canine Coach, Professional Writer, Anthropologist & dog lover.

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