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Hidden Solutions To Invisible Fence Troubleshooting Unmasked

Working With Invisible Fence Troubleshooting

Are you experiencing issues with your invisible fence due to interference? Dealing with interference can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting techniques, you can minimize false activations and ensure the proper functioning of your invisible fence system. To check if the transmitter is having issues you’ll need to disconnect the existing boundary wire and connect a short 15-foot section of boundary wire to run some tests. If your collar is showing a red blinking light, it means it needs to be charged. Replace the battery or recharge it to ensure proper functioning.

Invisible Fence system boundary wire can be installed along an existing fence for reinforcement from digging, jumping, or getting out of an open gate. Our Pet Safety Professionals can aid you in the design of your system. Invisible Fence® Brand’s GPS Wireless System is the most advanced pet fence on the market. With options to customize boundaries, this is ideal for large properties. There is no maximum yard size – so you can choose your desired size and shape.

invisible fence troubleshooting

Pet Stop systems use the most advanced technology available, and include our unmatched service you won’t find anywhere else. We’re pet lovers too, and will make sure you and your best friend are taken care of start to finish. One house and three dogs later, Invisible Fence invisible fence troubleshooting is still the best solution for keeping my dogs safe and healthy. They can run free in the yard and get the exercise they need to stay healthy and strong. It all starts when you click or call to schedule an appointment with your neighborhood Invisible Fence dealer.

invisible fence troubleshooting

Invisible Fence systems are sold through our international network of Invisible Fence dealers. Our Shields Avoidance Solutions work with the same Invisible Fence Computer Collar receiver that your pet wears outdoors. The Shields indoor solution is a small, wireless 5-inch disc that can be placed anywhere that you’d like to keep your pet away from.

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