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Hidden Responses To Pet Fence Installers Unmasked

Pet Fence Installers – Could it be a Scam?

The industry standard is galvanized steel, which is rust- and corrosion-resistant. Galvanized chain-link fence installation cost, including labor and materials, is typically $12 per linear foot. For a more contemporary and elegant option, black powder-coated galvanized chain-link fence might cost approximately $15 per linear foot on average, including materials and labor.

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We use the revolutionary GentleSteps training method, a new way to train your pet to the fence without the use of painful, traumatic electric shocks. This method takes the stress out of training and allows your pet to focus on learning – pets are happier and learn faster with the GentleSteps method. At present owners can still purchase a system for self-installation. We offer a DIY only system and for those who don’t mind putting a bit more work in our Pro Fence system is also available as a self installation option.

If you’re looking to buy an electronic dog fence in Australia, Hidden Fence is a great option. With our range of quality products, DIY options, professional installation services, and nationwide distribution network, we offer everything you need to keep your pet safe and secure in your pet fence installers yard. In addition to quality products, Hidden Fence also offers professional installation services. Our team of expert technicians are trained to install electronic dog fences to the highest standards. This ensures that your fence is installed correctly and will function as intended.

Mike is very knowledgeable about the pet containment industry and has helped a number of my clients who have… The type of battery used in the receiver collar is another thing you have to consider. The ones that use rechargeable batteries are much more convenient and cheaper than those powered by disposable batteries in the long run. The receiver collar is lightweight, waterproof, and has a low battery indicator that will tell you when the battery needs a replacement. There are many different regular fences on the market, such as wood fences, chain-link fences, picket fences, and wide-gap metal fences. And you can, of course, put up one of those to stop your dog from escaping from the yard, but the drawback is that they are more expensive and labor-intensive.

For all breeds, the fence should meet the ground to prevent your dog from slipping underneath the fence to escape. If your dog likes to dig, you should consider burying the bottom of the fence one to two feet below the surface. You could also try chain link fencing closer to the ground, or large rocks long your fence to make it more uncomfortable for your dog to dig.

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