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Positive reinforcement is another effective method of training your dog. During this method, your dog will receive a reward for staying away from the fence. This means that you will have to let your dog get a few shocks to understand where to stop regarding the fence’s boundary – which is why flags are also important. This will help you determine the amount of wire you will need to purchase.

invisible fence installation

Plus, our underground hidden dog fence is more economical and maintenance free unlike the traditional alternatives such as a conventional chain link, wood or vinyl fence. We have a more in-depth article on burying an underground dog fence wire and installing an invisible fence system using this technology. An underground electric dog fence uses a transmitter connected to a buried underground wire that runs along the boundary wire of your property.

invisible fence installation

These systems work by creating a boundary around your property using a buried wire that emits a radio signal. When your dog approaches the boundary, they receive a warning tone and then a shock if they continue to approach. If you are considering installing an invisible dog fence, it is important to do your research and compare prices from different invisible fence installation companies. You should also consider the type of fence, the size of your property, and the number of pets you have when making your decision. An invisible fence creates invisible boundaries, either underground, wirelessly, or by GPS. The dog wears a collar with a receiver that goes off if the dog gets too close to the established boundary.

The main transmitter unit connects with the physical wire perimeter, which then communicates boundary information to the dog’s collar. With all electric dog fence units, your dog will wear a special collar that communicates with your property’s boundary perimeter (which are established via a buried wire or a wireless signal). I’ve used in-ground invisible fences before, and if you’ve got the funds and a large property, the Halo 3 is worth considering.

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