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Getting Your Dog Fence On Vacation

The Close-guarded Strategies For Dog Fence Exposed

Another important factor to consider is the type of correction that the fence uses. Some fences use a static shock, while others use a vibration or tone. It’s important to choose a correction method that is appropriate for your dog’s temperament and training needs. We will be detailing several different product options from both PetSafe and Invisible Fence, the two biggest brand names in electric dog fences.

The system comes with 650 feet of boundary wire, which was enough to cover our medium-sized property. We were able to lay the wires in any shape we wanted to keep our dog within the designated dog fence area. Used responsibly, most dogs will not be seriously traumatized by an invisible fence unit, with the static shock sensation being more “surprising” than physically painful.

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This is fine for some dogs but might be too confined for energetic ones. They can be a real drain on your wallet – especially wireless ones requiring a cellular plan. But wired fences like extreme dog fence offer a cheaper solution. Since it’s wireless, you’ll need to train your dog on how it works. But you’re not alone – Halo 2 includes a training manual from renowned trainer Cesar Millan to help you train your pup.

Depending on the material, it may not be as durable as other fence types either, so consider the environment and weather conditions before choosing wood, metal, or vinyl. While it gets high points for aesthetics, wood fencing can be expensive, and it’s easily beaten and weathered by extreme heat or cold, as well as storms. Wood also requires plenty of maintenance, especially if it’s painted. It’s important to inspect for termites and mold on a regular basis when it comes to wooden fences. Many folks choose wooden fencing for aesthetic purposes and versatility. The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to wood varieties; some wood fences provide complete privacy, while others are more open and airy.

Every one of the collars and fences on this list is designed for at-home DIY installation. However, the Halo and SpotOn variants have static, vibration, and sound. I stick with the latter two and train my dogs according to the proper training modules. If a shock collar is not your thing, you have other options with these collars.

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