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Getting Dog Fence Troubleshooting

7 Cut-Throat Dog Fence Troubleshooting Methods That Never Fails

This PetSafe Fence is a product complemented by a receiver collar placed on the pet around its neck. Create a protective bar around the homes to prevent dogs from reaching beyond the boundaries of the place. If your pet continues to cross the boundary despite proper fence operation, consider re-evaluating the training process. Sometimes, pets may need additional guidance to understand the boundaries effectively. One of the most common culprits behind the beeping is a low battery indicator. Just like your phone, the collar needs sufficient power to function optimally.

I cannot begin to express how great this product is and how great the people are at PetSafe. When I called PetSafe they also seemed genuinely concerned for my pups safety and talked me through my questions. I installed my fence and began training with advice from customer service.

dog fence troubleshooting

Another issue that people commonly face is that extreme dog fences won’t stop beeping and it is a regular thing. Well, you might be in trouble, there are a few things you need to double-check everything you set up for your dog. Before we delve into troubleshooting, let’s grasp the basics.

Dog Fence Troubleshooting

The rechargeable receiver is “micro-sized” and, as far as I can tell, is the smallest dog fence receiver on the market. Unfortunately, I don’t recommend any of them because none offers a receiver with more than three training levels (for more information on why that’s important, dog fence troubleshooting read this article). If the voltage is lower than 400 volts, your electric fence system is grounded properly. If it is higher than 400 volts, that means your ground rod is leaking too much voltage. Connect your ground hook-up wires to your electric fence and turn the power on.

So whether deciding on the best height of the posts to assessing the materials used, there are many factors to keep in mind. We’ve asked the experts for their pet-safe garden fence ideas and advice, whether you are looking to build a fence for your backyard or are looking to make repairs. The Linden vinyl fence system is ultra durable, never requiring sanding, staining, painting, or other maintenance common to wooden fencing. Plus, you can install it with either a four-foot walk gate or a dual drive gate with two five-foot panels. With six feet of height, the Linden fence provides plenty of privacy.

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