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Forget Doing This along with your Dog Fence Troubleshooting, Do This

Top Dog Fence Troubleshooting Guide!

You’ll need to use a specialized tool to find the wire break in your boundary wire and check the splices. We cover the tools you can use or the DIY setup you can build with a radio in this article on finding breaks in your underground fence wire. Although they can have similar problems, how in-ground dog fence systems work is different and they are often a bit more complicated to diagnose.

dog fence troubleshooting

The collar must be in direct contact with the dog’s skin to receive the static correction from a distance if it exceeds the limits of the Fence. The collars emit sounds when the dogs reach the limit established by their owners through the fences. PetSafe collars and fences are different objects, and each has a specific function. The collar typically emits a low battery warning through a series of beeps or indicator lights. Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific model to identify the warning signs.

I always remind users to create a marker to remind them where it’s placed. If the collar beeps in a long and continuous cycle, then that usually means that the fence system has broken down somehow. On some models, this is a continuous series dog fence troubleshooting of short beeps, often once every second. Or it can mean that the collar shock is almost out of battery. Review the manual for the PetSafe dog fence transmitter to find out what collar beeps means since it can vary depending on the model.

The PetSafe wireless fence is a remarkable innovation that uses radio signals to create an invisible boundary for your pet. Equipped with a special collar, your pet receives signals that guide them to stay within the safe zone. Walk towards the invisible fence perimeter from the starting point. You should locate the underground wire a few feet away from the collar beep. If all tests passed, there might be a break in the boundary wire. You’ll need to carefully dig up the invisible fence wires to locate the wire break.

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