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Five Predictions on Dog Fence Installation Cost in The Brand New Year

Dog Fence Installation Cost Exposed

The complexity of the design is another factor that can affect the cost of a wood dog fence. A simple picket fence is typically less expensive than a privacy fence with decorative elements. With careful planning and consideration of these factors, you can determine an accurate budget for your vinyl dog fence, ensuring both safety and aesthetics for your furry friend.

We adopted a senior dog that had been tied up her entire life, so we knew we wanted to fence our backyard so that she could run free for the rest of her life. It is nearly an acre, much of which is wooded, it slopes, and has very uneven terrain. Call and schedule your installation today and get our Smart Package installed for only $499.99 (Click here for package details). This is a complete package installed up to 1 full acre of property. Firmly tug on the leash any time the shock collar gives off an alert. Give him or her a treat whenever he or she steers clear of the location.

dog fence installation cost

Should the wire break, a rare occurrence, finding the break can be a challenge. The contractor will usually supply the machinery, tools and labor to install the underground wire, all connectors, collars for your pets, the indoor power system and all needed attachments. Most often, they also leave the flags in place so you can use them during the training process after the installation is complete. With a wired dog fence (aka in-ground fence, aka underground fence), you have to bury a wire a few inches underground to mark the boundary you don’t want your pet to cross. Of course, the overall price of your in-ground dog fence will depend on how large the space is that you want to enclose.

The cost of an invisible dog fence is a common inquiry among pet parents. This hassle-free solution offers dogs freedom to roam while ensuring their safety within marked boundaries. Investing in an invisible fence for the yard isn’t just a cost-effective solution to keep pets safe; it’s also a reliable method for protecting a homeowner’s furry friends. This type of invisible fence doesn’t require a physical wire in the ground. Instead, GPS systems use satellite data to keep track of a pet’s location within a set boundary. A GPS invisible fence is great for portability, making it easy for homeowners to set up a simple barrier for their pets at a campsite or vacation home.

On average, installing a basic electric fence for a one-acre property can cost between $1,000 to $4,000. This cost can increase significantly for larger properties as labor costs increase. Assuming it is square-shaped, here are some approximate perimeter measurements. If you are considering installing an invisible dog fence, it is important to get quotes from several different companies. This will help you find the best price for the fence that you need. Wireless dog fences use a radio signal to create a boundary around your property.

While this option tends to be more expensive, it can provide peace of mind, especially if you have a large or complex yard or limited DIY skills. If you choose to DIY, you can expect to dog fence installation cost spend $1 to $15 per linear foot. On the other hand, if you opt for professional installation services, the range falls between $10 and $32.50 per linear foot, not including materials.

You can use these systems to create boundaries your dog can’t jump over or dig under. They’re sometimes used to keep dogs out of flower beds and swimming pools or simply to confine them to their own yards. Before installing your fence, consider the layout of your yard and factor any renovation you think you’ll need into your budget. How much you spend on landscape renovation will depend on what work you need done and the labor rates of contractors in your area. Just like with a wired system, your pet would wear a receiver collar that responds to the signal.

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