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Users can either walk their property to create fences, or they can just draw them right on the map. I’ve been a dog owner for most of my adult life and a dog lover for much longer than that. I grew up with a wonderful German Shepherd named Jake, who I loved SO much that I named my son after him. If you’d like to learn more about me, feel free to check out my Linked In profile. Next, let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of different collar options, allowing you to weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Where most in-ground systems are in the ⅓- to ½-acre range, the SportDog fence offers 1⅓ acres. With an additional wire, it can be extended out to 100 acres, and for those with more than one dog, extra collars also can be added. Actual fence layout can be customized with exclusion zones within the main perimeter.

During your initial training, you can also use a long leash to help establish boundaries. Just make sure it’s non-metallic, as metal can disrupt the signals to your invisible fence collar. But invisible dog fences are not magic pills that you give to your dogs and expect them to be 100% proficient in them. You have to actually be involved in the training process, especially when using the wireless invisible fence for large dogs.

The collar is even IPX7 waterproof rated, enhancing its durability even more. All that out of the way; you can also use the Dogtra PATHFINDER 2 as a dog training collar; if you have an untrained dog, this can be a great tool. About the corrections, the PATHFINDER 2 has tone, vibration, and static stimulation, just like the majority of the other devices. Emergency feedback will be triggered if your dog sneaks past the boundary. The dog will continue to receive corrections until it turns its head toward the safe zone.

invisible fence collar

Invisible dog fences are available in two types, wired and wireless. Both are essentially the same, with differences only in the way they work. That said, getting a wired electric dog fence without a surge protector is nowhere worth what you’re paying. Pet Control HQ might be one of the newest entries to the invisible fence market, but their wired dog fence system doesn’t look like it. In-ground invisible fences are, most of the time, much cheaper than the wireless ones, and the YardMax is even more affordable. Previously known as invifence, Luxipaws is another excellent option if you’re looking for a budget invisible dog fence.

invisible fence collar

Plus, this model costs a fraction of many of the in-ground systems. You also have the option to use a beacon, which is a GPS tag that you can place in areas you want your dog to avoid, like the kitchen garbage. For folks who have a large property and take their dog on the road, I’m not sure you can do much better than the Halo. Our Boundary Plus® GPS Wireless system is perfect for properties 1 acre and up. No need to worry about a wire-break somewhere on your property that could allow your pet to escape. Using satellite GPS technology, we’re able to virtually map your pet’s boundary no matter the size or terrain of your property.

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