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Exactly About Dog Fence Installers

Top Options Of Dog Fence Installers

With Pet Stop Link it is as easy as changing a setting in your Pet Stop App; thanks to Blue Tooth Technology you now have complete control over your Pet Stop Electronic Dog Fence and your dog’s Link Receiver at your fingertips. Of course, the Link Blue Tooth comes standard with Ultra-Care Plus™ coverage. This technology is not offered by Invisible Fence or Dog Watch Brands. That being said, there are still some services related to dog fencing for which you may want to hire a contractor. Keep these potential needs in mind when figuring out the overall budget for your pet containment system. Some advanced wireless fences even use GPS, instead of a radio signal, to keep your pet contained.

We include expert training for your pet with every installation. We also offer a variety of other indoor and outdoor training products that will make life more enjoyable for both you and your pet. Underground dog fence installation is easy, especially when done by a professional. Installing an underground dog fence is an important step in ensuring your dog’s health — both physical and mental — as well as your peace of mind.

To figure out the price your own project would be closest to, you can take the average rate of $2.25 per linear foot and multiply it by the size of the boundary you need in linear feet. Installation was quick and easy, and the system has worked flawlessly. Our dog Bryce got it instantly and has behaved himself impeccably since learning that the yard has limits.

dog fence installers

The kit’s collar comes with a tone-only mode, which helps train your dog to react to a warning tone without a correctional shock. Additionally, the collar comes with an automatic safety shut-off feature that prevents your pet from receiving extended shock corrections if it remains in the correction zone for 30 seconds or more. The collar is equipped with a replaceable RFA-67 battery that lasts between one to three months.

We also offer the strongest Manufacturer’s Warranty/Guarantee in the industry called “Ultra Care™ Coverage”. Electric dog fences usually cost around $200 for DIY kits, but they can be as expensive as $2,500, with professional installation and dog training. Setting up your DIY electric dog fence kit can take as little as one to two days, but if you feel like professional help is important, you can look for companies that offer this service. As an underground dog fence company, our electric fencing systems use a single wire that is installed underground.

As horses were on the property, coordination of work schedules and locations were important, and St Augustine Fence was very cooperative in this regard. The final product is better than we hoped for and we would recommend this company for any job whether small, or large like ours. Pet Stop Northeast Fl is a leader in invisible dog fencing, dog containment systems and pet doors. Do the research, look at our 10 year social history – 78 videos on our YouTube channel, lots of happy dogs!

Dog Fence Installers

The study also found that negative reinforcement training wasn’t more effective than reward-based training. We’ve had them come and install 2 fenced in areas on our property, and their installation services dog fence installers are top notch. We have quite a huge yard for our dogs to play in, but the back end is not far from a main highway. Purchasing our Pet Playground Fence Kit was the best thing we did for our pets’ safety.

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